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Broadstairs Seaside Dickensian Special 15th and 16th June 2019

BUMBLE (B) Low Wins

12343307Tim Lawrence (B5)Caroline McLaughlin (B12)
7355345Ruth MacInerney (B9)Caroline McLaughlin (B12)
5357356Nuala O'Rourke (B2)Cecil Muscat (B3)
15366355Tim Lawrence (B5)Anne Ashmore (B1)
13367348Kevin Synnott (B7)Dave Hoskisson (B8)
6372276Nuala O'Rourke (B2)Tim Lawrence (B5)
7375355Cecil Muscat (B3)John Matthews (B6)
4378371Ruth MacInerney (B9)Nuala O'Rourke (B2)
14379351Caroline McLaughlin (B12)Anne Ashmore (B1)
14379375Ian Nichol (B13)Cecil Muscat (B3)
3382369Victoria Kingham (B11)Ian Nichol (B13)
15384366Ruth MacInerney (B9)Amy Byrne (B14)
13385364Gillian Street (B10)Ruth MacInerney (B9)
10388339Nuala O'Rourke (B2)Victoria Kingham (B11)
8388315John Matthews (B6)Caroline McLaughlin (B12)
3389354Tim Lawrence (B5)Gillian Street (B10)
10389381Amy Byrne (B14)John Matthews (B6)
16390376Ian Nichol (B13)Victoria Kingham (B11)
16395359Nuala O'Rourke (B2)Andrew Eames (B4)
10395380Kevin Synnott (B7)Tim Lawrence (B5)
8396314Cecil Muscat (B3)Victoria Kingham (B11)
6398378Ian Nichol (B13)Gillian Street (B10)
5399370Ruth MacInerney (B9)Dave Hoskisson (B8)
9400372Nuala O'Rourke (B2)Kevin Synnott (B7)
3401335Dave Hoskisson (B8)Cecil Muscat (B3)
14402336Victoria Kingham (B11)Andrew Eames (B4)
10403391Ian Nichol (B13)Andrew Eames (B4)
9403300Amy Byrne (B14)Gillian Street (B10)
1409400Victoria Kingham (B11)Ruth MacInerney (B9)
7411359Kevin Synnott (B7)Gillian Street (B10)
16411383Amy Byrne (B14)Caroline McLaughlin (B12)
14412381Dave Hoskisson (B8)Tim Lawrence (B5)
15412320Gillian Street (B10)Caroline McLaughlin (B12)
16413355Tim Lawrence (B5)Ruth MacInerney (B9)
4414350John Matthews (B6)Ian Nichol (B13)
11416310Anne Ashmore (B1)Ruth MacInerney (B9)
11417405John Matthews (B6)Dave Hoskisson (B8)
8418357Kevin Synnott (B7)Anne Ashmore (B1)
12418348Victoria Kingham (B11)Anne Ashmore (B1)
1420316Gillian Street (B10)Nuala O'Rourke (B2)
1423385Tim Lawrence (B5)Amy Byrne (B14)
4424408Gillian Street (B10)Caroline McLaughlin (B12)
9425272Cecil Muscat (B3)Tim Lawrence (B5)
11426368Andrew Eames (B4)Gillian Street (B10)
1426366Ian Nichol (B13)Kevin Synnott (B7)
13427379Cecil Muscat (B3)Andrew Eames (B4)
8427379Tim Lawrence (B5)Ruth MacInerney (B9)
3428344Nuala O'Rourke (B2)John Matthews (B6)
2429357Dave Hoskisson (B8)Anne Ashmore (B1)
11431394Cecil Muscat (B3)Amy Byrne (B14)
15431424Dave Hoskisson (B8)Kevin Synnott (B7)
11432411Victoria Kingham (B11)Kevin Synnott (B7)
6433376Cecil Muscat (B3)Anne Ashmore (B1)
14433369Ruth MacInerney (B9)Gillian Street (B10)
11434311Ian Nichol (B13)Tim Lawrence (B5)
10435369Dave Hoskisson (B8)Caroline McLaughlin (B12)
4436347Victoria Kingham (B11)Andrew Eames (B4)
12438339Andrew Eames (B4)John Matthews (B6)
16439314Anne Ashmore (B1)Gillian Street (B10)
5440380Andrew Eames (B4)Tim Lawrence (B5)
8441423Amy Byrne (B14)Andrew Eames (B4)
2442339Tim Lawrence (B5)Victoria Kingham (B11)
3442426Kevin Synnott (B7)Caroline McLaughlin (B12)
6442361Victoria Kingham (B11)Dave Hoskisson (B8)
5443344John Matthews (B6)Kevin Synnott (B7)
2444402Cecil Muscat (B3)Ian Nichol (B13)
16444272Cecil Muscat (B3)Kevin Synnott (B7)
6444424John Matthews (B6)Ruth MacInerney (B9)
9445371Victoria Kingham (B11)John Matthews (B6)
6445374Caroline McLaughlin (B12)Amy Byrne (B14)
5446411Anne Ashmore (B1)Amy Byrne (B14)
8452314Nuala O'Rourke (B2)Ian Nichol (B13)
14452449Kevin Synnott (B7)Amy Byrne (B14)
13453356Nuala O'Rourke (B2)Anne Ashmore (B1)
10453423Ruth MacInerney (B9)Cecil Muscat (B3)
16454356John Matthews (B6)Dave Hoskisson (B8)
5456430Victoria Kingham (B11)Gillian Street (B10)
12456367Ian Nichol (B13)Ruth MacInerney (B9)
7458308Amy Byrne (B14)Victoria Kingham (B11)
4459321Kevin Synnott (B7)Cecil Muscat (B3)
2461444Andrew Eames (B4)Caroline McLaughlin (B12)
2462319Kevin Synnott (B7)Ruth MacInerney (B9)
7465388Tim Lawrence (B5)Dave Hoskisson (B8)
9466326Dave Hoskisson (B8)Ian Nichol (B13)
14468457Nuala O'Rourke (B2)John Matthews (B6)
15469264Andrew Eames (B4)Nuala O'Rourke (B2)
13469407Ian Nichol (B13)Amy Byrne (B14)
4472408Anne Ashmore (B1)Tim Lawrence (B5)
9473351Andrew Eames (B4)Ruth MacInerney (B9)
12474326Amy Byrne (B14)Kevin Synnott (B7)
4475354Amy Byrne (B14)Dave Hoskisson (B8)
1476329Andrew Eames (B4)Dave Hoskisson (B8)
2480415Nuala O'Rourke (B2)Amy Byrne (B14)
13481413John Matthews (B6)Tim Lawrence (B5)
5486449Ian Nichol (B13)Caroline McLaughlin (B12)
12489338Cecil Muscat (B3)Gillian Street (B10)
2490389John Matthews (B6)Gillian Street (B10)
11493382Nuala O'Rourke (B2)Caroline McLaughlin (B12)
15501341Ian Nichol (B13)Victoria Kingham (B11)
3507282Ruth MacInerney (B9)Amy Byrne (B14)
7508339Andrew Eames (B4)Nuala O'Rourke (B2)
1512370John Matthews (B6)Anne Ashmore (B1)
15523400Cecil Muscat (B3)John Matthews (B6)
1525294Caroline McLaughlin (B12)Cecil Muscat (B3)
12528336Nuala O'Rourke (B2)Dave Hoskisson (B8)
6529375Andrew Eames (B4)Kevin Synnott (B7)
8539392Dave Hoskisson (B8)Gillian Street (B10)
13540304Victoria Kingham (B11)Caroline McLaughlin (B12)
7545320Ian Nichol (B13)Anne Ashmore (B1)
3551294Andrew Eames (B4)Anne Ashmore (B1)
10552307Gillian Street (B10)Anne Ashmore (B1)

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