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BMSC Warmup Friday August 25 and

Player Rosters

Division ADivision B
1187Phil Robertshaw(GM)1133Stewart Brodie
2177John Ashmore2133Graham Buckingham
3177Brian Po3132Mary Allen
4173Colin Northmore4130Kathy Richland
5171Winter Winter5129Janet Adams
6171Nick Deller6129Peter Thorpe
7163Joseph Bennett7121Tess McCarthy
8161Robert Richland(Exp)8114Rose Northmore
9160Rob Blundell9110Val Hoskings
10156Steve{Oxford} Perry1099Kevin Rayment
11154John Matthews1199Stany Arnold
12152Anne Ashmore1260Lisa Atkins
13148Greg Kelly   
14147Nicky Huitson   
15144Barry French   
16142Alan Males   
17141Suzanne Dundas   
18141Ruth MacInerney   
19140David Shenkin   
20140Ian Nichol   
21139Stephen Wintle   
22137Colin Nicol   
23136Christine Cooper   
24134Bobbie Taylor   

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