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BMSC Warmup Friday August 25 and

Division B Round 9 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast GameNext Game
17–2+427Stewart Brodie (B1)2W:436-402:B8starts vs. B7 @14
26–3+373Graham Buckingham (B2)2L:351-445:B11starts vs. B12 @13
36–3+333Peter Thorpe (B6)2W:360-344:B10starts vs. B8 @17
46–3+289Janet Adams (B5)2W:435-317:B7starts vs. B9 @18
56–3+245Mary Allen (B3)1W:389-308:B9replies vs. B11 @16
65–4+191Stany Arnold (B11)1W:445-351:B2starts vs. B3 @16
74–5+346Kathy Richland (B4)1W:448-327:B12replies vs. B10 @15
84–5−125Rose Northmore (B8)1L:402-436:B1replies vs. B6 @17
94–5−353Val Hoskings (B9)2L:308-389:B3replies vs. B5 @18
103–6−946Tess McCarthy (B7)1L:317-435:B5replies vs. B1 @14
112–7−161Kevin Rayment (B10)1L:344-360:B6starts vs. B4 @15
121–8−619Lisa Atkins (B12)2L:327-448:B4replies vs. B2 @13

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