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BMSC Warmup Friday August 25 and

Division B Round 1 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast GameNext Game
11–0+202Val Hoskings (B9)1W:498-296:B12starts vs. B7 @18
21–0+104Stewart Brodie (B1)1W:420-316:B11starts vs. B6 @14
31–0+90Janet Adams (B5)1W:421-331:B8starts vs. B11 @17
41–0+30Tess McCarthy (B7)2W:354-324:B10replies vs. B9 @18
51–0+26Graham Buckingham (B2)1W:375-349:B4starts vs. B10 @13
61–0+10Mary Allen (B3)2W:364-354:B6replies vs. B12 @15
70–1−10Peter Thorpe (B6)1L:354-364:B3replies vs. B1 @14
80–1−26Kathy Richland (B4)2L:349-375:B2replies vs. B8 @16
90–1−30Kevin Rayment (B10)1L:324-354:B7replies vs. B2 @13
100–1−90Rose Northmore (B8)2L:331-421:B5starts vs. B4 @16
110–1−104Stany Arnold (B11)2L:316-420:B1replies vs. B5 @17
120–1−202Lisa Atkins (B12)2L:296-498:B9starts vs. B3 @15

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