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BMSC Warmup Friday August 25 and

Division B Low Spreads

82358356Tess McCarthy (B7)Lisa Atkins (B12)
75392387Mary Allen (B3)Graham Buckingham (B2)
58360352Peter Thorpe (B6)Janet Adams (B5)
119392383Peter Thorpe (B6)Lisa Atkins (B12)
110364354Mary Allen (B3)Peter Thorpe (B6)
1111356345Kevin Rayment (B10)Rose Northmore (B8)
313419406Val Hoskings (B9)Kathy Richland (B4)
215418403Graham Buckingham (B2)Kevin Rayment (B10)
916360344Peter Thorpe (B6)Kevin Rayment (B10)
417395378Stewart Brodie (B1)Mary Allen (B3)
417396379Stany Arnold (B11)Rose Northmore (B8)
1021409388Mary Allen (B3)Stany Arnold (B11)
822407385Peter Thorpe (B6)Graham Buckingham (B2)
525363338Graham Buckingham (B2)Stewart Brodie (B1)
1025400375Val Hoskings (B9)Janet Adams (B5)
126375349Graham Buckingham (B2)Kathy Richland (B4)
1130412382Kathy Richland (B4)Stany Arnold (B11)
130354324Tess McCarthy (B7)Kevin Rayment (B10)
1132444412Janet Adams (B5)Stewart Brodie (B1)
332379347Rose Northmore (B8)Lisa Atkins (B12)
934436402Stewart Brodie (B1)Rose Northmore (B8)
634443409Tess McCarthy (B7)Stany Arnold (B11)
239398359Rose Northmore (B8)Kathy Richland (B4)
1045452407Tess McCarthy (B7)Stewart Brodie (B1)
748416368Rose Northmore (B8)Val Hoskings (B9)
1149415366Val Hoskings (B9)Graham Buckingham (B2)
550381331Kathy Richland (B4)Mary Allen (B3)
753408355Janet Adams (B5)Kathy Richland (B4)
656443387Janet Adams (B5)Lisa Atkins (B12)
260437377Stewart Brodie (B1)Peter Thorpe (B6)
260388328Mary Allen (B3)Lisa Atkins (B12)
1062403341Peter Thorpe (B6)Rose Northmore (B8)
264433369Val Hoskings (B9)Tess McCarthy (B7)
367432365Stewart Brodie (B1)Kevin Rayment (B10)
1167417350Mary Allen (B3)Tess McCarthy (B7)
377404327Janet Adams (B5)Mary Allen (B3)
981389308Mary Allen (B3)Val Hoskings (B9)
581376295Kevin Rayment (B10)Val Hoskings (B9)
387426339Peter Thorpe (B6)Stany Arnold (B11)
689416327Mary Allen (B3)Kevin Rayment (B10)
190421331Janet Adams (B5)Rose Northmore (B8)
590467377Stany Arnold (B11)Lisa Atkins (B12)
490446356Lisa Atkins (B12)Kevin Rayment (B10)
994445351Stany Arnold (B11)Graham Buckingham (B2)
695483388Val Hoskings (B9)Stewart Brodie (B1)
397452355Graham Buckingham (B2)Tess McCarthy (B7)
4103452349Graham Buckingham (B2)Janet Adams (B5)
1104420316Stewart Brodie (B1)Stany Arnold (B11)
2116413297Stany Arnold (B11)Janet Adams (B5)
9118435317Janet Adams (B5)Tess McCarthy (B7)
8119442323Stewart Brodie (B1)Kathy Richland (B4)
9121448327Kathy Richland (B4)Lisa Atkins (B12)
8122481359Janet Adams (B5)Kevin Rayment (B10)
6131431300Kathy Richland (B4)Peter Thorpe (B6)
8144440296Mary Allen (B3)Rose Northmore (B8)
7146461315Stewart Brodie (B1)Lisa Atkins (B12)
7170472302Peter Thorpe (B6)Tess McCarthy (B7)
7187477290Kevin Rayment (B10)Stany Arnold (B11)
10201468267Graham Buckingham (B2)Lisa Atkins (B12)
1202498296Val Hoskings (B9)Lisa Atkins (B12)
10206566360Kathy Richland (B4)Kevin Rayment (B10)
6228515287Graham Buckingham (B2)Rose Northmore (B8)
4231500269Peter Thorpe (B6)Val Hoskings (B9)
5269501232Rose Northmore (B8)Tess McCarthy (B7)
8286550264Stany Arnold (B11)Val Hoskings (B9)
4294578284Kathy Richland (B4)Tess McCarthy (B7)

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