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BMSC Warmup Friday August 25 and

Division B Round 10 Alphabetic Pairings

18Janet Adams (B5) startsVal Hoskings (B9) replies
16Mary Allen (B3) repliesStany Arnold (B11) starts
16Stany Arnold (B11) startsMary Allen (B3) replies
13Lisa Atkins (B12) repliesGraham Buckingham (B2) starts
14Stewart Brodie (B1) startsTess McCarthy (B7) replies
13Graham Buckingham (B2) startsLisa Atkins (B12) replies
18Val Hoskings (B9) repliesJanet Adams (B5) starts
14Tess McCarthy (B7) repliesStewart Brodie (B1) starts
17Rose Northmore (B8) repliesPeter Thorpe (B6) starts
15Kevin Rayment (B10) startsKathy Richland (B4) replies
15Kathy Richland (B4) repliesKevin Rayment (B10) starts
17Peter Thorpe (B6) startsRose Northmore (B8) replies

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