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BMSC Warmup Friday August 25 and

Division A Round 11 Scores

Robertshaw(GM), Phil1520Shenkin, David19336184
Po, Brian3482Ashmore, John242260
Winter, Winter5508Richland(Exp), Robert8354154
Deller, Nick6417Huitson, Nicky1434077
Bennett, Joseph7439Northmore, Colin438356
Blundell, Rob9469Ashmore, Anne1237693
Perry, Steve{Oxford}10467MacInerney, Ruth1842146
Matthews, John11401Males, Alan1630992
Kelly, Greg13462Nicol, Colin22309153
French, Barry15440Taylor, Bobbie2441228
Dundas, Suzanne17505Cooper, Christine23366139
Nichol, Ian20463Wintle, Stephen21360103

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