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BMSC Warmup Friday August 25 and

Division A Round 6 Scores

Ashmore, John2447Wintle, Stephen2136780
Northmore, Colin4501Nicol, Colin22362139
Winter, Winter5405Perry, Steve{Oxford}1037827
Bennett, Joseph7492Po, Brian3352140
Richland(Exp), Robert8532Nichol, Ian20405127
Blundell, Rob9460Robertshaw(GM), Phil140159
Matthews, John11431Deller, Nick635873
Ashmore, Anne12369French, Barry1534326
Kelly, Greg13424Shenkin, David1935668
Dundas, Suzanne17508Huitson, Nicky14387121
MacInerney, Ruth18432Cooper, Christine2335676
Taylor, Bobbie24331Males, Alan1628546

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