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BMSC Warmup Friday August 25 and

Division A Round 5 Scores

Northmore, Colin4445Po, Brian337372
Deller, Nick6496Wintle, Stephen21392104
Bennett, Joseph7504Winter, Winter5344160
Blundell, Rob9376Perry, Steve{Oxford}1033640
Ashmore, Anne12432Richland(Exp), Robert834884
Kelly, Greg13424Ashmore, John233787
Huitson, Nicky14425Taylor, Bobbie2432897
Males, Alan16466Dundas, Suzanne17301165
MacInerney, Ruth18389Robertshaw(GM), Phil133455
Shenkin, David19452French, Barry15311141
Nicol, Colin22429Matthews, John1140227
Cooper, Christine23386Nichol, Ian2037610

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