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BMSC Warmup Friday August 25 and

Division A Round 4 Scores

Robertshaw(GM), Phil1497Males, Alan1645245
Northmore, Colin4543Matthews, John11318225
Winter, Winter5423Kelly, Greg1335271
Deller, Nick6490Ashmore, John247119
Bennett, Joseph7407Blundell, Rob937631
Ashmore, Anne12469Dundas, Suzanne17358111
French, Barry15458MacInerney, Ruth1836593
Shenkin, David19467Richland(Exp), Robert839077
Nichol, Ian20531Huitson, Nicky14255276
Wintle, Stephen21487Perry, Steve{Oxford}1043552
Nicol, Colin22432Po, Brian337953
Cooper, Christine23381Taylor, Bobbie2430675

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