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BMSC Warmup Friday August 25 and

Division A Round 1 Scores

Ashmore, John2521Cooper, Christine23243278
Po, Brian3420Nichol, Ian2038535
Northmore, Colin4493Taylor, Bobbie24372121
Deller, Nick6415Shenkin, David1940312
Bennett, Joseph7397MacInerney, Ruth1832374
Richland(Exp), Robert8407Dundas, Suzanne1732483
Blundell, Rob9428French, Barry1536365
Perry, Steve{Oxford}10412Males, Alan1632587
Matthews, John11438Huitson, Nicky144317
Kelly, Greg13368Ashmore, Anne1235315
Wintle, Stephen21456Winter, Winter536195
Nicol, Colin22406Robertshaw(GM), Phil137927

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