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BMSC Warmup Friday August 25 and

Division A Round 5 Ratings

PlayerLast GameNext Game
15–0+719173203+30Colin Northmore (A4)1W:445-373:A3replies vs. A22 @1
25–0+214137212+75Colin Nicol (A22)2W:429-402:A11starts vs. A4 @1
34–1+216163187+24Joseph Bennett (A7)1W:504-344:A5replies vs. A3 @2
44–1+116171182+11Nick Deller (A6)2W:496-392:A21starts vs. A11 @3
53–2+294177160−17Brian Po (A3)2L:373-445:A4starts vs. A7 @2
63–2+151140166+26David Shenkin (A19)2W:452-311:A15starts vs. A13 @6
73–2+55152161+9Anne Ashmore (A12)2W:432-348:A8starts vs. A15 @9
83–2+43139170+31Stephen Wintle (A21)1L:392-496:A6starts vs. A2 @4
93–2+9148171+23Greg Kelly (A13)2W:424-337:A2replies vs. A19 @6
103–2−35154164+10John Matthews (A11)1L:402-429:A22replies vs. A6 @3
113–2−163160165+5Rob Blundell (A9)2W:376-336:A10replies vs. A1 @11
123–2−312136160+24Christine Cooper (A23)1W:386-376:A20replies vs. A18 @10
132–3+351177141−36John Ashmore (A2)1L:337-424:A13replies vs. A21 @4
142–3+11141150+9Ruth MacInerney (A18)1W:389-334:A1starts vs. A23 @10
152–3+10171141−30Winter Winter (A5)2L:344-504:A7starts vs. A10 @5
162–3−7156142−14Steve{Oxford} Perry (A10)1L:336-376:A9replies vs. A5 @5
172–3−70144140−4Barry French (A15)1L:311-452:A19replies vs. A12 @9
182–3−140187140−47Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A1)2L:334-389:A18starts vs. A9 @11
192–3−160142149+7Alan Males (A16)1W:466-301:A17replies vs. A24 @8
201–4+42140122−18Ian Nichol (A20)2L:376-386:A23starts vs. A8 @12
211–4−160161121−40Robert Richland(Exp) (A8)1L:348-432:A12replies vs. A20 @12
221–4−281141125−16Suzanne Dundas (A17)2L:301-466:A16replies vs. A14 @7
231–4−456147118−29Nicky Huitson (A14)2W:425-328:A24starts vs. A17 @7
240–5−447134101−33Bobbie Taylor (A24)1L:328-425:A14starts vs. A16 @8

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