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BMSC Warmup Friday August 25 and

Division A Round 1 Ranked Pairings

TableWho Plays Whom
1Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A1) *starts* vs. Colin Nicol (A22)
2John Ashmore (A2) *starts* vs. Christine Cooper (A23)
3Brian Po (A3) *starts* vs. Ian Nichol (A20)
4Steve{Oxford} Perry (A10) *starts* vs. Alan Males (A16)
5Colin Northmore (A4) *starts* vs. Bobbie Taylor (A24)
6Greg Kelly (A13) *starts* vs. Anne Ashmore (A12)
7Robert Richland(Exp) (A8) *starts* vs. Suzanne Dundas (A17)
8John Matthews (A11) *starts* vs. Nicky Huitson (A14)
9Stephen Wintle (A21) *starts* vs. Winter Winter (A5)
10Barry French (A15) *starts* vs. Rob Blundell (A9)
11Nick Deller (A6) *starts* vs. David Shenkin (A19)
12Joseph Bennett (A7) *starts* vs. Ruth MacInerney (A18)

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