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BMSC Warmup Friday August 25 and

Division A High Losses

3479524Robert Richland(Exp) (A8)Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A1)
4471490John Ashmore (A2)Nick Deller (A6)
4452497Alan Males (A16)Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A1)
8446452Nick Deller (A6)Colin Northmore (A4)
2445513Winter Winter (A5)Barry French (A15)
4435487Steve{Oxford} Perry (A10)Stephen Wintle (A21)
9432440Nick Deller (A6)Winter Winter (A5)
10431465Anne Ashmore (A12)Winter Winter (A5)
1431438Nicky Huitson (A14)John Matthews (A11)
9425488Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A1)Bobbie Taylor (A24)
11422482John Ashmore (A2)Brian Po (A3)
3422426Ruth MacInerney (A18)David Shenkin (A19)
3421446Barry French (A15)Stephen Wintle (A21)
11421467Ruth MacInerney (A18)Steve{Oxford} Perry (A10)
2418455Robert Richland(Exp) (A8)Colin Nicol (A22)
10418472Ruth MacInerney (A18)Ian Nichol (A20)
8413426Anne Ashmore (A12)Joseph Bennett (A7)
11412440Bobbie Taylor (A24)Barry French (A15)
8411424Rob Blundell (A9)John Matthews (A11)
10408446John Matthews (A11)Steve{Oxford} Perry (A10)
10408536Colin Nicol (A22)Colin Northmore (A4)
2406431Stephen Wintle (A21)Rob Blundell (A9)
7406421Stephen Wintle (A21)Brian Po (A3)
6405532Ian Nichol (A20)Robert Richland(Exp) (A8)
1403415David Shenkin (A19)Nick Deller (A6)
5402429John Matthews (A11)Colin Nicol (A22)
7402406Ruth MacInerney (A18)John Ashmore (A2)
6401460Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A1)Rob Blundell (A9)
2401406Bobbie Taylor (A24)Anne Ashmore (A12)
9396456Rob Blundell (A9)Brian Po (A3)
8394473Greg Kelly (A13)Colin Nicol (A22)
10394421Stephen Wintle (A21)Robert Richland(Exp) (A8)
3393416Nicky Huitson (A14)Christine Cooper (A23)
9393439Nicky Huitson (A14)Barry French (A15)
7392529Barry French (A15)Robert Richland(Exp) (A8)
5392496Stephen Wintle (A21)Nick Deller (A6)
4390467Robert Richland(Exp) (A8)David Shenkin (A19)
6387508Nicky Huitson (A14)Suzanne Dundas (A17)
1385420Ian Nichol (A20)Brian Po (A3)
3384411Ian Nichol (A20)Alan Males (A16)
11383439Colin Northmore (A4)Joseph Bennett (A7)
8382446Christine Cooper (A23)Robert Richland(Exp) (A8)
7380463Colin Northmore (A4)Joseph Bennett (A7)
1379406Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A1)Colin Nicol (A22)
4379432Brian Po (A3)Colin Nicol (A22)
9379508Joseph Bennett (A7)Colin Nicol (A22)
6378405Steve{Oxford} Perry (A10)Winter Winter (A5)
3377485Joseph Bennett (A7)Nick Deller (A6)
4376407Rob Blundell (A9)Joseph Bennett (A7)
11376469Anne Ashmore (A12)Rob Blundell (A9)
5376386Ian Nichol (A20)Christine Cooper (A23)
5373445Brian Po (A3)Colin Northmore (A4)
7373409Nick Deller (A6)Rob Blundell (A9)
1372493Bobbie Taylor (A24)Colin Northmore (A4)
3371439John Ashmore (A2)John Matthews (A11)
9369421David Shenkin (A19)Alan Males (A16)
7369433Colin Nicol (A22)Anne Ashmore (A12)
9368435John Matthews (A11)Anne Ashmore (A12)
6367447Stephen Wintle (A21)John Ashmore (A2)
11366505Christine Cooper (A23)Suzanne Dundas (A17)
10365390Brian Po (A3)Greg Kelly (A13)
4365458Ruth MacInerney (A18)Barry French (A15)
1363428Barry French (A15)Rob Blundell (A9)
6362501Colin Nicol (A22)Colin Northmore (A4)
1361456Winter Winter (A5)Stephen Wintle (A21)
8361577Ian Nichol (A20)Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A1)
11360463Stephen Wintle (A21)Ian Nichol (A20)
6358431Nick Deller (A6)John Matthews (A11)
4358469Suzanne Dundas (A17)Anne Ashmore (A12)
10358370Suzanne Dundas (A17)David Shenkin (A19)
6356424David Shenkin (A19)Greg Kelly (A13)
6356432Christine Cooper (A23)Ruth MacInerney (A18)
7355430Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A1)Christine Cooper (A23)
11354508Robert Richland(Exp) (A8)Winter Winter (A5)
1353366Anne Ashmore (A12)Greg Kelly (A13)
8353421Alan Males (A16)Barry French (A15)
6352492Brian Po (A3)Joseph Bennett (A7)
3352484Anne Ashmore (A12)Colin Northmore (A4)
4352423Greg Kelly (A13)Winter Winter (A5)
8352411Ruth MacInerney (A18)Stephen Wintle (A21)
5348432Robert Richland(Exp) (A8)Anne Ashmore (A12)
2346473Nick Deller (A6)Ruth MacInerney (A18)
5344504Winter Winter (A5)Joseph Bennett (A7)
6343369Barry French (A15)Anne Ashmore (A12)
9341521Steve{Oxford} Perry (A10)Greg Kelly (A13)
11340417Nicky Huitson (A14)Nick Deller (A6)
2339487Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A1)Suzanne Dundas (A17)
9339452Ruth MacInerney (A18)Robert Richland(Exp) (A8)
5337424John Ashmore (A2)Greg Kelly (A13)
10337537Bobbie Taylor (A24)Rob Blundell (A9)
10336358John Ashmore (A2)Joseph Bennett (A7)
5336376Steve{Oxford} Perry (A10)Rob Blundell (A9)
11336520David Shenkin (A19)Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A1)
2335504Greg Kelly (A13)Colin Northmore (A4)
10335550Nicky Huitson (A14)Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A1)
5334389Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A1)Ruth MacInerney (A18)
10332372Barry French (A15)Nick Deller (A6)
5328425Bobbie Taylor (A24)Nicky Huitson (A14)
3325489Steve{Oxford} Perry (A10)Brian Po (A3)
1325412Alan Males (A16)Steve{Oxford} Perry (A10)
1324407Suzanne Dundas (A17)Robert Richland(Exp) (A8)
2324383David Shenkin (A19)Joseph Bennett (A7)
2324466Christine Cooper (A23)John Matthews (A11)
1323397Ruth MacInerney (A18)Joseph Bennett (A7)
7322391Ian Nichol (A20)Bobbie Taylor (A24)
4318543John Matthews (A11)Colin Northmore (A4)
7318444Suzanne Dundas (A17)Steve{Oxford} Perry (A10)
8318356David Shenkin (A19)John Ashmore (A2)
3316386Suzanne Dundas (A17)Colin Nicol (A22)
9313383Christine Cooper (A23)Stephen Wintle (A21)
7312402John Matthews (A11)Greg Kelly (A13)
3312461Bobbie Taylor (A24)Greg Kelly (A13)
5311452Barry French (A15)David Shenkin (A19)
7311480Alan Males (A16)Nicky Huitson (A14)
11309401Alan Males (A16)John Matthews (A11)
11309462Colin Nicol (A22)Greg Kelly (A13)
9308494Ian Nichol (A20)Suzanne Dundas (A17)
8307509Winter Winter (A5)Brian Po (A3)
2307527Alan Males (A16)Brian Po (A3)
4306381Bobbie Taylor (A24)Christine Cooper (A23)
8304467Suzanne Dundas (A17)Bobbie Taylor (A24)
5301466Suzanne Dundas (A17)Alan Males (A16)
2301463Ian Nichol (A20)Steve{Oxford} Perry (A10)
10300446Alan Males (A16)Christine Cooper (A23)
9294527Colin Northmore (A4)John Ashmore (A2)
8285466Nicky Huitson (A14)Steve{Oxford} Perry (A10)
6285331Alan Males (A16)Bobbie Taylor (A24)
3279541Rob Blundell (A9)Winter Winter (A5)
2277524Nicky Huitson (A14)John Ashmore (A2)
4255531Nicky Huitson (A14)Ian Nichol (A20)
7249550David Shenkin (A19)Winter Winter (A5)
1243521Christine Cooper (A23)John Ashmore (A2)

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