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Broadstairs Saucy Seaside Special 20th and 21st April

Player Rosters

Division ADivision BDivision C
1201Brett Smitheram(GM)1159Andrew Eames1137Ruth Cawsey
2184Ryan Wee-   2137Alan Abela
3180Lewis Mackay(GM)3155Steve{Oxford} Perry3137Nicky Huitson
4180Wayne Kelly(GM)4154Theo Kumi4136Stewart Brodie
5177Craig Solomons(Exp)5153Kevin Synnott5135Noel Barnes
6177Colin Northmore6151Anne Ashmore6130Marc Meakin
7174Natalie Zolty(Exp)7151Richard Spencer7129Ruth MacInerney
8172Mohamed Kamara8148Nuala O'Rourke8128Damian O'Malley
9169John Ashmore9145Greg Kelly9124Ginny Dixon
10168Stewart Houten10142Caroline McLaughlin10123Scott Bowman
11168Chris Vicary11142Amy Byrne11120Rose Northmore
12162Kwaku Sapong12140Victoria Kingham12108Val Hoskings
13161Quentin Baker13140Stephen Wintle1385Bridget Wardell
14160Paul Coyle14138Dave Hoskisson1483Denise Wells
15159Vince Boyle        

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