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Broadstairs Saucy Seaside Special 20th and 21st April

Prize Table

Place Prizes
1The Saucy Susies (A) Rank: 1st£160Lewis Mackay(GM) (A3) 12-3 +866
2The Saucy Susies (A) Rank: 2nd£120Brett Smitheram(GM) (A1) 11-4 +843
3The Saucy Susies (A) Rank: 3rd£80Ryan Wee (A2) 10-5 +503
4ratings performance A1£40Stewart Houten (A10) +12 = 180-168
5The Randy Ruperts (B) Rank: 1st£140Steve{Oxford} Perry (B3) 10-5 +286
6The Randy Ruperts (B) Rank: 2nd£100Victoria Kingham (B12) 9.5-5.5 +683
7The Randy Ruperts (B) Rank: 3rd£70Caroline McLaughlin (B10) 9.5-5.5 +358
8ratings performance B1£30Amy Byrne (B11) +10 = 152-142
9The Luscious Lulus (C) Rank: 1st£140Stewart Brodie (C4) 12-3 +770
10The Luscious Lulus (C) Rank: 2nd£100Ruth MacInerney (C7) 11-4 +874
11The Luscious Lulus (C) Rank: 3rd£70Rose Northmore (C11) 10-5 +480
12ratings performance C1£30Damian O'Malley (C8) +6 = 134-128

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