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Broadstairs Saucy Seaside Special 20th and 21st April

The Luscious Lulus (C) Round 3 Ranked Pairings

TableWho Plays Whom
16Nicky Huitson (C3) *starts* vs. Rose Northmore (C11)
17Bridget Wardell (C13) *starts* vs. Alan Abela (C2)
18Ruth MacInerney (C7) *starts* vs. Ruth Cawsey (C1)
19Damian O'Malley (C8) *starts* vs. Scott Bowman (C10)
20Ginny Dixon (C9) *starts* vs. Noel Barnes (C5)
21Stewart Brodie (C4) *starts* vs. Denise Wells (C14)
22Val Hoskings (C12) *starts* vs. Marc Meakin (C6)

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