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Broadstairs Saucy Seaside Special 20th and 21st April

The Luscious Lulus (C) Round 3 Alphabetic Pairings

TablePlayer Opponent
17Alan Abela (C2) repliesBridget Wardell (C13) starts
20Noel Barnes (C5) repliesGinny Dixon (C9) starts
19Scott Bowman (C10) repliesDamian O'Malley (C8) starts
21Stewart Brodie (C4) startsDenise Wells (C14) replies
18Ruth Cawsey (C1) repliesRuth MacInerney (C7) starts
20Ginny Dixon (C9) startsNoel Barnes (C5) replies
22Val Hoskings (C12) startsMarc Meakin (C6) replies
16Nicky Huitson (C3) startsRose Northmore (C11) replies
18Ruth MacInerney (C7) startsRuth Cawsey (C1) replies
22Marc Meakin (C6) repliesVal Hoskings (C12) starts
16Rose Northmore (C11) repliesNicky Huitson (C3) starts
19Damian O'Malley (C8) startsScott Bowman (C10) replies
17Bridget Wardell (C13) startsAlan Abela (C2) replies
21Denise Wells (C14) repliesStewart Brodie (C4) starts

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