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Broadstairs Saucy Seaside Special 20th and 21st April

The Randy Ruperts (B) High Wins

10596297Stephen Wintle (B13)Anne Ashmore (B6)
11577337Victoria Kingham (B12)Stephen Wintle (B13)
4575286Andrew Eames (B1)Anne Ashmore (B6)
9523356Steve{Oxford} Perry (B3)Stephen Wintle (B13)
5521290Greg Kelly (B9)Caroline McLaughlin (B10)
4515319Richard Spencer (B7)Stephen Wintle (B13)
11514350Theo Kumi (B4)Kevin Synnott (B5)
3508327Joseph Bennett (B2)Amy Byrne (B11)
2508386Greg Kelly (B9)Dave Hoskisson (B14)
11506419Greg Kelly (B9)Nuala O'Rourke (B8)
7501322Victoria Kingham (B12)Joseph Bennett (B2)
13499451Stephen Wintle (B13)Greg Kelly (B9)
15495380Richard Spencer (B7)Anne Ashmore (B6)
15495364Nuala O'Rourke (B8)Andrew Eames (B1)
12490361Steve{Oxford} Perry (B3)Andrew Eames (B1)
12486318Richard Spencer (B7)Theo Kumi (B4)
10480343Theo Kumi (B4)Amy Byrne (B11)
15479330Theo Kumi (B4)Amy Byrne (B11)
4478380Amy Byrne (B11)Greg Kelly (B9)
1475320Amy Byrne (B11)Dave Hoskisson (B14)
13473236Caroline McLaughlin (B10)Steve{Oxford} Perry (B3)
1471386Theo Kumi (B4)Joseph Bennett (B2)
2469354Caroline McLaughlin (B10)Kevin Synnott (B5)
4469385Victoria Kingham (B12)Steve{Oxford} Perry (B3)
8467392Nuala O'Rourke (B8)Stephen Wintle (B13)
5466295Joseph Bennett (B2)Andrew Eames (B1)
5466334Kevin Synnott (B5)Anne Ashmore (B6)
10464449Nuala O'Rourke (B8)Dave Hoskisson (B14)
14464285Nuala O'Rourke (B8)Dave Hoskisson (B14)
4464368Caroline McLaughlin (B10)Joseph Bennett (B2)
15463387Caroline McLaughlin (B10)Greg Kelly (B9)
6461375Andrew Eames (B1)Richard Spencer (B7)
8461441Joseph Bennett (B2)Richard Spencer (B7)
7461418Anne Ashmore (B6)Nuala O'Rourke (B8)
1461355Caroline McLaughlin (B10)Richard Spencer (B7)
10460328Kevin Synnott (B5)Andrew Eames (B1)
15460375Kevin Synnott (B5)Stephen Wintle (B13)
11460385Richard Spencer (B7)Anne Ashmore (B6)
1456404Steve{Oxford} Perry (B3)Anne Ashmore (B6)
13456445Kevin Synnott (B5)Victoria Kingham (B12)
3454365Theo Kumi (B4)Stephen Wintle (B13)
6453408Theo Kumi (B4)Dave Hoskisson (B14)
6453398Caroline McLaughlin (B10)Nuala O'Rourke (B8)
3450435Anne Ashmore (B6)Dave Hoskisson (B14)
2450438Amy Byrne (B11)Stephen Wintle (B13)
1450355Victoria Kingham (B12)Greg Kelly (B9)
2447401Anne Ashmore (B6)Joseph Bennett (B2)
13446420Andrew Eames (B1)Amy Byrne (B11)
4445316Nuala O'Rourke (B8)Theo Kumi (B4)
6444356Anne Ashmore (B6)Victoria Kingham (B12)
9441374Anne Ashmore (B6)Caroline McLaughlin (B10)
12441272Anne Ashmore (B6)Greg Kelly (B9)
12441376Amy Byrne (B11)Nuala O'Rourke (B8)
9440343Richard Spencer (B7)Greg Kelly (B9)
3440394Greg Kelly (B9)Steve{Oxford} Perry (B3)
13436325Theo Kumi (B4)Anne Ashmore (B6)
7435392Kevin Synnott (B5)Stephen Wintle (B13)
11435341Amy Byrne (B11)Caroline McLaughlin (B10)
3435343Victoria Kingham (B12)Nuala O'Rourke (B8)
14433422Andrew Eames (B1)Kevin Synnott (B5)
8433397Steve{Oxford} Perry (B3)Kevin Synnott (B5)
7433390Dave Hoskisson (B14)Steve{Oxford} Perry (B3)
14432413Greg Kelly (B9)Amy Byrne (B11)
12428427Caroline McLaughlin (B10)Stephen Wintle (B13)
7427331Caroline McLaughlin (B10)Theo Kumi (B4)
9425392Victoria Kingham (B12)Theo Kumi (B4)
13425323Dave Hoskisson (B14)Richard Spencer (B7)
4424385Dave Hoskisson (B14)Kevin Synnott (B5)
11424389Dave Hoskisson (B14)Andrew Eames (B1)
2423311Steve{Oxford} Perry (B3)Nuala O'Rourke (B8)
5423412Theo Kumi (B4)Steve{Oxford} Perry (B3)
8422349Greg Kelly (B9)Theo Kumi (B4)
7422371Amy Byrne (B11)Richard Spencer (B7)
9421391Amy Byrne (B11)Kevin Synnott (B5)
14420330Victoria Kingham (B12)Theo Kumi (B4)
14419359Anne Ashmore (B6)Richard Spencer (B7)
6419396Greg Kelly (B9)Kevin Synnott (B5)
14418392Steve{Oxford} Perry (B3)Caroline McLaughlin (B10)
1415362Andrew Eames (B1)Stephen Wintle (B13)
10415360Steve{Oxford} Perry (B3)Richard Spencer (B7)
6413397Stephen Wintle (B13)Joseph Bennett (B2)
9412392Nuala O'Rourke (B8)Andrew Eames (B1)
12410393Dave Hoskisson (B14)Victoria Kingham (B12)
1409352Nuala O'Rourke (B8)Kevin Synnott (B5)
3407344Kevin Synnott (B5)Richard Spencer (B7)
5406386Victoria Kingham (B12)Amy Byrne (B11)
8405398Amy Byrne (B11)Anne Ashmore (B6)
6402385Steve{Oxford} Perry (B3)Amy Byrne (B11)
5401326Dave Hoskisson (B14)Stephen Wintle (B13)
3398375Andrew Eames (B1)Caroline McLaughlin (B10)
7398344Andrew Eames (B1)Greg Kelly (B9)
2396374Theo Kumi (B4)Andrew Eames (B1)
15388375Steve{Oxford} Perry (B3)Victoria Kingham (B12)
8368362Victoria Kingham (B12)Andrew Eames (B1)
2360333Richard Spencer (B7)Victoria Kingham (B12)
8340323Caroline McLaughlin (B10)Dave Hoskisson (B14)

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