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Broadstairs Saucy Seaside Special 20th and 21st April

The Saucy Susies (A) Round 11 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast GameNext Game
19–2+806Brett Smitheram(GM) (A1)2L:475-504:A6replies vs. A7 @1
29–2+484Lewis Mackay(GM) (A3)1W:469-322:A12starts vs. A11 @7
37–4+598Natalie Zolty(Exp) (A7)byestarts vs. A1 @1
47–4+247Chris Vicary (A11)1W:419-383:A13replies vs. A3 @7
57–4+241Ryan Wee (A2)2W:440-417:A10replies vs. A13 @2
66½–4½−195Vince Boyle (A15)1L:318-471:A9replies vs. A4 @3
76–5+223John Ashmore (A9)2W:471-318:A15starts vs. A5 @5
86–5+156Stewart Houten (A10)1L:417-440:A2replies vs. A12 @8
96–5+46Colin Northmore (A6)1W:504-475:A1
105–6−99Craig Solomons(Exp) (A5)2W:464-424:A14replies vs. A9 @5
115–6−135Wayne Kelly(GM) (A4)1L:415-507:A8starts vs. A15 @3
124–7−50Paul Coyle (A14)1L:424-464:A5replies vs. A8 @4
134–7−235Kwaku Sapong (A12)2L:322-469:A3starts vs. A10 @8
144–7−536Mohamed Kamara (A8)2W:507-415:A4starts vs. A14 @4
152½–8½−451Quentin Baker (A13)2L:383-419:A11starts vs. A2 @2
160–11−1100Noble onoshevwe (A16)bye

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