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Rotary Open Scrabble Championship of Wiltshire
Sunday 10th March 2019

Division R Round 1 Standings

PlayerLast GameNext Game
11–0+193130Susan Barnes (R4)1W:452-259:R7replies vs. R10 @29
21–0+133130Marion Macaskill (R11)1W:391-258:R5replies vs. R6 @32
31–0+73130Maureen Titcombe (R12)2W:356-283:R9starts vs. R8 @30
41–0+41130Ellie Charleston (R8)1W:341-300:R1replies vs. R12 @30
51–0+22130Beth Carrigan (R6)2W:281-259:R3starts vs. R11 @32
61–0+9130Sue Alexander (R2)1W:326-317:R10replies vs. R1 @33
70–1−980Gill Higginson (R10)2L:317-326:R2starts vs. R4 @29
80–1−2280Michael Barnes (R3)1L:259-281:R6replies vs. R7 @31
90–1−4180Jose Adams (R1)2L:300-341:R8starts vs. R2 @33
100–1−7380Ann Dainton (R9)1L:283-356:R12replies vs. R5 @28
110–1−13380Sylvia Blacklock (R5)2L:258-391:R11starts vs. R9 @28
120–1−19380Shirley Carter (R7)2L:259-452:R4starts vs. R3 @31

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