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Rotary Open Scrabble Championship of Wiltshire
Sunday 10th March 2019

Division R Low Spreads

50305305Ann Dainton (R9)Shirley Carter (R7)
21331330Marion Macaskill (R11)Beth Carrigan (R6)
44316312Ann Dainton (R9)Susan Barnes (R4)
56340334Jose Adams (R1)Susan Barnes (R4)
76338332Michael Barnes (R3)Susan Barnes (R4)
19326317Sue Alexander (R2)Gill Higginson (R10)
39305296Sylvia Blacklock (R5)Michael Barnes (R3)
39315306Marion Macaskill (R11)Sue Alexander (R2)
410316306Sue Alexander (R2)Michael Barnes (R3)
613317304Maureen Titcombe (R12)Sue Alexander (R2)
614330316Shirley Carter (R7)Beth Carrigan (R6)
615351336Sylvia Blacklock (R5)Susan Barnes (R4)
216338322Sylvia Blacklock (R5)Ann Dainton (R9)
519288269Gill Higginson (R10)Maureen Titcombe (R12)
122281259Beth Carrigan (R6)Michael Barnes (R3)
324295271Jose Adams (R1)Shirley Carter (R7)
425349324Gill Higginson (R10)Jose Adams (R1)
226362336Sue Alexander (R2)Jose Adams (R1)
626305279Michael Barnes (R3)Jose Adams (R1)
528352324Marion Macaskill (R11)Michael Barnes (R3)
739327288Sue Alexander (R2)Shirley Carter (R7)
141341300Ellie Charleston (R8)Jose Adams (R1)
548324276Sylvia Blacklock (R5)Sue Alexander (R2)
549293244Ellie Charleston (R8)Beth Carrigan (R6)
349326277Ann Dainton (R9)Gill Higginson (R10)
449305256Maureen Titcombe (R12)Shirley Carter (R7)
750350300Jose Adams (R1)Maureen Titcombe (R12)
457326269Sylvia Blacklock (R5)Beth Carrigan (R6)
259342283Gill Higginson (R10)Susan Barnes (R4)
460340280Ellie Charleston (R8)Marion Macaskill (R11)
761330269Ann Dainton (R9)Beth Carrigan (R6)
761340279Gill Higginson (R10)Sylvia Blacklock (R5)
661333272Marion Macaskill (R11)Gill Higginson (R10)
369354285Beth Carrigan (R6)Maureen Titcombe (R12)
173356283Maureen Titcombe (R12)Ann Dainton (R9)
393437344Ellie Charleston (R8)Susan Barnes (R4)
693365272Ellie Charleston (R8)Ann Dainton (R9)
7105370265Marion Macaskill (R11)Ellie Charleston (R8)
2111356245Ellie Charleston (R8)Maureen Titcombe (R12)
2114352238Michael Barnes (R3)Shirley Carter (R7)
1133391258Marion Macaskill (R11)Sylvia Blacklock (R5)
1193452259Susan Barnes (R4)Shirley Carter (R7)

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