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Rotary Open Scrabble Championship of Wiltshire
Sunday 10th March 2019

Division C Round 4 Standings

ClassPlayerLast GameNext Game
13–1+214110AHepzi Rodrigues (C3)2W:363-321:C1starts vs. C2 @24
23–1+140113APam Sparkes (C2)2W:375-347:C6replies vs. C3 @24
33–1+80114ACharles Martin (C1)1L:321-363:C3replies vs. C4 @23
43–1+58120BBarry French (C8)1W:396-347:C4starts vs. C6 @25
52–2+11367AChristine Cartman (C4)2L:347-396:C8starts vs. C1 @23
62–2−8491BEvelyn Wansbrough (C5)2W:368-363:C9starts vs. C10 @26
72–2−12995BHoi_Ching Wai (C10)1W:359-292:C7replies vs. C5 @26
81–3−886BTricia Walker (C6)1L:347-375:C2replies vs. C8 @25
91–3−11969BEileen Johnson (C9)1L:363-368:C5replies vs. C7 @27
100–4−26550BPat Johnson (C7)2L:292-359:C10starts vs. C9 @27

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