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Rotary Open Scrabble Championship of Wiltshire
Sunday 10th March 2019

Division C Low Losses

7224443BEileen Johnson (C9)Barry French (C8)
5248515BBarry French (C8)Tricia Walker (C6)
3261437BEileen Johnson (C9)Hepzi Rodrigues (C3)
2265373BBarry French (C8)Eileen Johnson (C9)
7274318BHoi_Ching Wai (C10)Pat Johnson (C7)
5280389BHoi_Ching Wai (C10)Evelyn Wansbrough (C5)
1290317BTricia Walker (C6)Hoi_Ching Wai (C10)
4292359BPat Johnson (C7)Hoi_Ching Wai (C10)
1294373AHepzi Rodrigues (C3)Barry French (C8)
6297348BHoi_Ching Wai (C10)Eileen Johnson (C9)
5299408APam Sparkes (C2)Hepzi Rodrigues (C3)
6307369BBarry French (C8)Charles Martin (C1)
2309524BHoi_Ching Wai (C10)Christine Cartman (C4)
3312391BPat Johnson (C7)Evelyn Wansbrough (C5)
6315383AChristine Cartman (C4)Pam Sparkes (C2)
7317346ACharles Martin (C1)Hepzi Rodrigues (C3)
4321363ACharles Martin (C1)Hepzi Rodrigues (C3)
2323429BEvelyn Wansbrough (C5)Pam Sparkes (C2)
3324423AChristine Cartman (C4)Tricia Walker (C6)
7330367APam Sparkes (C2)Tricia Walker (C6)
2332407BPat Johnson (C7)Hepzi Rodrigues (C3)
1333395BEvelyn Wansbrough (C5)Charles Martin (C1)
5336466BEileen Johnson (C9)Pat Johnson (C7)
5343367ACharles Martin (C1)Christine Cartman (C4)
2343395BTricia Walker (C6)Charles Martin (C1)
1346390BPat Johnson (C7)Pam Sparkes (C2)
4347396AChristine Cartman (C4)Barry French (C8)
4347375BTricia Walker (C6)Pam Sparkes (C2)
6347371BPat Johnson (C7)Tricia Walker (C6)
1349395BEileen Johnson (C9)Christine Cartman (C4)
3353361BHoi_Ching Wai (C10)Charles Martin (C1)
6356358BEvelyn Wansbrough (C5)Hepzi Rodrigues (C3)
4363368BEileen Johnson (C9)Evelyn Wansbrough (C5)
3366404APam Sparkes (C2)Barry French (C8)
7375435BEvelyn Wansbrough (C5)Christine Cartman (C4)

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