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Rotary Open Scrabble Championship of Wiltshire
Sunday 10th March 2019

Division B Round 3 Standings

ClassPlayerLast GameNext Game
13–0+269173AWanda De_Poitiers (B2)1W:451-299:B3replies vs. B6 @13
23–0+198159AVal Wright (B6)2W:379-297:B15starts vs. B2 @13
32–1+271132ADavid Shenkin (B4)1W:482-328:B10replies vs. B1 @15
42–1+235148BStephen Robinson (B16)2W:414-332:B5starts vs. B19 @19
52–1+158138APeter Hunt (B3)2L:299-451:B2starts vs. B18 @17
62–1+136130AAlan Abela (B1)2W:402-307:B19starts vs. B4 @15
72–1+45135BPhilip Aston (B18)1W:418-374:B14replies vs. B3 @17
82–1+24145BJoseph Bennett (B19)1L:307-402:B1replies vs. B16 @19
92–1−19131ACarol Bartlett (B8)2W:389-367:B7starts vs. B10 @16
102–1−54141APaul Cartman (B10)2L:328-482:B4replies vs. B8 @16
111–2+2093AAlan Males (B9)1W:365-266:B13replies vs. B12 @21
121–2−9112BMargaret Marshall (B11)1W:339-296:B12replies vs. B14 @18
131–2−2197AMargaret Staunton (B7)1L:367-389:B8starts vs. B15 @14
141–2−79113BMaureen Barlow (B12)2L:296-339:B11starts vs. B9 @21
151–2−10095AValerie Nash (B5)1L:332-414:B16replies vs. B17 @22
161–2−12896BAnne Darby (B14)2L:374-418:B18starts vs. B11 @18
171–2−206103BIris Cornish (B17)2W:363-299:B20starts vs. B5 @22
181–2−322118BDavid Holt (B15)1L:297-379:B6replies vs. B7 @14
190–3−14162BGerry Gleeson (B20)1L:299-363:B17replies vs. B13 @20
200–3−27783BFran Burling (B13)2L:266-365:B9starts vs. B20 @20

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