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Rotary Open Scrabble Championship of Wiltshire
Sunday 10th March 2019

Division B Low Wins

4335308BFran Burling (B13)Gerry Gleeson (B20)
1335318BJoseph Bennett (B19)Alan Males (B9)
7338297BGerry Gleeson (B20)Alan Males (B9)
4339316AValerie Nash (B5)Iris Cornish (B17)
3339296BMargaret Marshall (B11)Maureen Barlow (B12)
7341330APeter Hunt (B3)Val Wright (B6)
7343335BAnne Darby (B14)Iris Cornish (B17)
1345343APeter Hunt (B3)Margaret Marshall (B11)
6345300BDavid Holt (B15)Iris Cornish (B17)
5349305BMargaret Marshall (B11)Margaret Staunton (B7)
4357356BPhilip Aston (B18)Peter Hunt (B3)
3363299BIris Cornish (B17)Gerry Gleeson (B20)
3365266AAlan Males (B9)Fran Burling (B13)
1367304AWanda De_Poitiers (B2)Maureen Barlow (B12)
1368355AVal Wright (B6)Stephen Robinson (B16)
7370338ACarol Bartlett (B8)Margaret Marshall (B11)
6370338BMaureen Barlow (B12)Gerry Gleeson (B20)
2375315BAnne Darby (B14)Gerry Gleeson (B20)
2378328AValerie Nash (B5)Margaret Marshall (B11)
3379297AVal Wright (B6)David Holt (B15)
2379352BMaureen Barlow (B12)David Shenkin (B4)
5380299BGerry Gleeson (B20)David Holt (B15)
6381379BMargaret Marshall (B11)Alan Males (B9)
6385348APeter Hunt (B3)Margaret Staunton (B7)
3389367ACarol Bartlett (B8)Margaret Staunton (B7)
2390287AVal Wright (B6)Iris Cornish (B17)
5396387ADavid Shenkin (B4)Val Wright (B6)
7398342BFran Burling (B13)David Holt (B15)
7401366BPhilip Aston (B18)Stephen Robinson (B16)
3402307AAlan Abela (B1)Joseph Bennett (B19)
4405359AAlan Males (B9)Maureen Barlow (B12)
2406352AWanda De_Poitiers (B2)Fran Burling (B13)
4408349ACarol Bartlett (B8)Paul Cartman (B10)
1412344BDavid Holt (B15)Valerie Nash (B5)
4413398AWanda De_Poitiers (B2)Val Wright (B6)
5413333BMaureen Barlow (B12)Anne Darby (B14)
6413368BAnne Darby (B14)Fran Burling (B13)
3414332BStephen Robinson (B16)Valerie Nash (B5)
5414329BIris Cornish (B17)Fran Burling (B13)
6418331AVal Wright (B6)Carol Bartlett (B8)
3418374BPhilip Aston (B18)Anne Darby (B14)
4419340AMargaret Staunton (B7)David Holt (B15)
1420403APaul Cartman (B10)Gerry Gleeson (B20)
4423350BMargaret Marshall (B11)Anne Darby (B14)
6429373BStephen Robinson (B16)Philip Aston (B18)
7430352AMargaret Staunton (B7)Wanda De_Poitiers (B2)
2431348APaul Cartman (B10)Alan Abela (B1)
7433363AValerie Nash (B5)Alan Abela (B1)
5435327APeter Hunt (B3)Paul Cartman (B10)
2435373BPhilip Aston (B18)Alan Males (B9)
5436325ACarol Bartlett (B8)Alan Abela (B1)
6436402APaul Cartman (B10)Valerie Nash (B5)
1438314AAlan Abela (B1)Fran Burling (B13)
1449282AMargaret Staunton (B7)Iris Cornish (B17)
3451299AWanda De_Poitiers (B2)Peter Hunt (B3)
1452308ADavid Shenkin (B4)Anne Darby (B14)
7456315ADavid Shenkin (B4)Maureen Barlow (B12)
4460372BStephen Robinson (B16)Joseph Bennett (B19)
2462360BJoseph Bennett (B19)Carol Bartlett (B8)
7464335BJoseph Bennett (B19)Paul Cartman (B10)
5467284AValerie Nash (B5)Alan Males (B9)
5474340AWanda De_Poitiers (B2)Stephen Robinson (B16)
6474373AWanda De_Poitiers (B2)Alan Abela (B1)
4476284AAlan Abela (B1)David Shenkin (B4)
1476415ACarol Bartlett (B8)Philip Aston (B18)
3482328ADavid Shenkin (B4)Paul Cartman (B10)
5503310BPhilip Aston (B18)Joseph Bennett (B19)
2504338BStephen Robinson (B16)Margaret Staunton (B7)
2519211APeter Hunt (B3)David Holt (B15)
6525361BJoseph Bennett (B19)David Shenkin (B4)

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