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Rotary Open Scrabble Championship of Wiltshire
Sunday 10th March 2019

Division A Round 6 Standings

ClassPlayerLast GameNext Game
15–1+554200APhil Robertshaw(GM) (A2)1W:557-344:A9replies vs. A4 @1
25–1+412198ACraig Solomons (A4)2W:482-411:A1starts vs. A2 @1
34–2+461179AHarshan Lamabadusuriya(GM) (A1)1L:411-482:A4replies vs. A5 @3
44–2+333167ANatalie Zolty (A5)1W:606-360:A12starts vs. A1 @3
54–2+261171AGary Polhill(Exp) (A6)1W:446-409:A21starts vs. A14 @5
64–2+230182BBrian Jones (A14)1W:503-399:A18replies vs. A6 @5
74–2+27167AMartin Taylor (A12)2L:360-606:A5starts vs. A9 @4
84–2+17175AAndy Becher (A9)2L:344-557:A2replies vs. A12 @4
93–3+113145AJames Burley (A7)2L:375-398:A13replies vs. A18 @7
103–3+96162BAndrew Eames (A18)2L:399-503:A14starts vs. A7 @7
113–3+50159AGary Oliver(GM) (A8)1W:377-361:A10starts vs. A22 @6
123–3+46154BHelen Harding (A22)1W:426-378:A24replies vs. A8 @6
133–3−34152AGareth Williams(GM) (A3)2W:402-395:A17replies vs. A24 @12
143–3−100158BPaul Steadman (A24)2L:378-426:A22starts vs. A3 @12
153–3−123166BChris Finlay (A13)1W:398-375:A7replies vs. A17 @8
163–3−191160BPhil Kelly (A17)1L:395-402:A3starts vs. A13 @8
173–3−308156BMike Evans (A21)2L:409-446:A6starts vs. A10 @2
182–4−12148AEvelyn Wallace (A10)2L:361-377:A8replies vs. A21 @2
192–4−80130ABob Lynn (A11)1W:396-339:A19starts vs. A16 @9
202–4−172144BKevin Synnott (A16)1W:457-383:A15replies vs. A11 @9
212–4−396143BJohn Matthews (A20)2W:476-419:A23starts vs. A15 @10
221–5−366130BGraham Harding (A15)2L:383-457:A16replies vs. A20 @10
231–5−405124BJanet Phillips (A23)1L:419-476:A20replies vs. A19 @11
241–5−413118BRuth MacInerney (A19)2L:339-396:A11starts vs. A23 @11

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