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Rotary Open Scrabble Championship of Wiltshire
Sunday 10th March 2019

Division A Round 3 Standings

ClassPlayerLast GameNext Game
13–0+328208APhil Robertshaw(GM) (A2)2W:442-415:A6starts vs. A4 @1
23–0+310199ACraig Solomons (A4)2W:431-420:A22replies vs. A2 @1
32–1+308170AHarshan Lamabadusuriya(GM) (A1)2W:539-313:A20starts vs. A24 @2
42–1+271167AGary Oliver(GM) (A8)1W:491-333:A9replies vs. A5 @7
52–1+172168AAndy Becher (A9)2L:333-491:A8starts vs. A14 @3
62–1+141182BHelen Harding (A22)1L:420-431:A4replies vs. A21 @12
72–1+123159AMartin Taylor (A12)1W:477-387:A19replies vs. A10 @4
82–1+98173BPaul Steadman (A24)1W:460-382:A7replies vs. A1 @2
92–1+82186AEvelyn Wallace (A10)1W:465-352:A3starts vs. A12 @4
102–1+35196BBrian Jones (A14)1W:486-333:A5replies vs. A9 @3
112–1−32168ANatalie Zolty (A5)2L:333-486:A14starts vs. A8 @7
122–1−193174BMike Evans (A21)1W:475-433:A16starts vs. A22 @12
131–2+47146AGary Polhill(Exp) (A6)1L:415-442:A2replies vs. A23 @6
141–2+31138AGareth Williams(GM) (A3)2L:352-465:A10starts vs. A18 @5
151–2+28123AJames Burley (A7)2L:382-460:A24starts vs. A15 @10
161–2−21148BAndrew Eames (A18)1W:430-362:A13replies vs. A3 @5
171–2−102138BJanet Phillips (A23)2L:399-474:A15starts vs. A6 @6
181–2−148145BKevin Synnott (A16)2L:433-475:A21starts vs. A17 @8
191–2−175133BRuth MacInerney (A19)2L:387-477:A12starts vs. A13 @11
201–2−199155BChris Finlay (A13)2L:362-430:A18replies vs. A19 @11
211–2−239152BGraham Harding (A15)1W:474-399:A23replies vs. A7 @10
221–2−270145BPhil Kelly (A17)1W:433-432:A11replies vs. A16 @8
230–3−16195ABob Lynn (A11)2L:432-433:A17starts vs. A20 @9
240–3−434119BJohn Matthews (A20)1L:313-539:A1replies vs. A11 @9

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