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Rotary Open Scrabble Championship of Wiltshire
Sunday 10th March 2019

Division A Low Spreads

21417416ANatalie Zolty (A5)Andrew Eames (A18)
31433432BPhil Kelly (A17)Bob Lynn (A11)
72422420ABob Lynn (A11)Kevin Synnott (A16)
67402395AGareth Williams(GM) (A3)Phil Kelly (A17)
27474467BMike Evans (A21)Gary Oliver(GM) (A8)
410395385AJames Burley (A7)Graham Harding (A15)
311431420ACraig Solomons (A4)Helen Harding (A22)
213384371BChris Finlay (A13)Gareth Williams(GM) (A3)
214380366BKevin Synnott (A16)Gary Polhill(Exp) (A6)
715426411BPhil Kelly (A17)Chris Finlay (A13)
616377361AGary Oliver(GM) (A8)Evelyn Wallace (A10)
419389370BJohn Matthews (A20)Bob Lynn (A11)
623398375BChris Finlay (A13)James Burley (A7)
723429406BMike Evans (A21)Evelyn Wallace (A10)
426430404AAndy Becher (A9)Brian Jones (A14)
426428402BMike Evans (A21)Helen Harding (A22)
327442415APhil Robertshaw(GM) (A2)Gary Polhill(Exp) (A6)
529386357AGary Polhill(Exp) (A6)Chris Finlay (A13)
532400368AAndy Becher (A9)Evelyn Wallace (A10)
532388356BPaul Steadman (A24)Natalie Zolty (A5)
733390357BRuth MacInerney (A19)Janet Phillips (A23)
637446409AGary Polhill(Exp) (A6)Mike Evans (A21)
738503465ACraig Solomons (A4)Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A2)
538405367BPhil Kelly (A17)John Matthews (A20)
740513473ANatalie Zolty (A5)Harshan Lamabadusuriya(GM) (A1)
542420378AHarshan Lamabadusuriya(GM) (A1)Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A2)
342475433BMike Evans (A21)Kevin Synnott (A16)
543401358ABob Lynn (A11)Graham Harding (A15)
446418372AMartin Taylor (A12)Evelyn Wallace (A10)
448399351BPhil Kelly (A17)Kevin Synnott (A16)
648426378BHelen Harding (A22)Paul Steadman (A24)
550400350AGareth Williams(GM) (A3)Kevin Synnott (A16)
750460410AJames Burley (A7)Andrew Eames (A18)
152394342BBrian Jones (A14)Harshan Lamabadusuriya(GM) (A1)
455518463APhil Robertshaw(GM) (A2)Craig Solomons (A4)
657396339ABob Lynn (A11)Ruth MacInerney (A19)
657476419BJohn Matthews (A20)Janet Phillips (A23)
763407344AMartin Taylor (A12)Andy Becher (A9)
368430362BAndrew Eames (A18)Chris Finlay (A13)
268411343BHelen Harding (A22)James Burley (A7)
671482411ACraig Solomons (A4)Harshan Lamabadusuriya(GM) (A1)
674457383BKevin Synnott (A16)Graham Harding (A15)
375474399BGraham Harding (A15)Janet Phillips (A23)
276407331BJanet Phillips (A23)Bob Lynn (A11)
378460382BPaul Steadman (A24)James Burley (A7)
780470390BHelen Harding (A22)Gary Oliver(GM) (A8)
482431349BChris Finlay (A13)Ruth MacInerney (A19)
784438354AGary Polhill(Exp) (A6)Brian Jones (A14)
184426342BHelen Harding (A22)Bob Lynn (A11)
586475389ACraig Solomons (A4)Gary Oliver(GM) (A8)
786476390BJohn Matthews (A20)Graham Harding (A15)
188449361AGary Polhill(Exp) (A6)Andrew Eames (A18)
288406318AAndy Becher (A9)John Matthews (A20)
289459370BRuth MacInerney (A19)Paul Steadman (A24)
390477387AMartin Taylor (A12)Ruth MacInerney (A19)
791422331BPaul Steadman (A24)Gareth Williams(GM) (A3)
598475377AJames Burley (A7)Janet Phillips (A23)
599457358BAndrew Eames (A18)Ruth MacInerney (A19)
1103488385AEvelyn Wallace (A10)Janet Phillips (A23)
5104470366AMartin Taylor (A12)Mike Evans (A21)
6104503399BBrian Jones (A14)Andrew Eames (A18)
1109429320BPaul Steadman (A24)Martin Taylor (A12)
3113465352AEvelyn Wallace (A10)Gareth Williams(GM) (A3)
5117448331BBrian Jones (A14)Helen Harding (A22)
1120481361ANatalie Zolty (A5)Kevin Synnott (A16)
1120483363AGary Oliver(GM) (A8)John Matthews (A20)
4122423301BAndrew Eames (A18)Gareth Williams(GM) (A3)
1129497368ACraig Solomons (A4)Phil Kelly (A17)
2134473339AHarshan Lamabadusuriya(GM) (A1)Evelyn Wallace (A10)
2142496354AMartin Taylor (A12)Phil Kelly (A17)
1144492348APhil Robertshaw(GM) (A2)Chris Finlay (A13)
4148439291AGary Polhill(Exp) (A6)Janet Phillips (A23)
4151560409ANatalie Zolty (A5)Gary Oliver(GM) (A8)
3153486333BBrian Jones (A14)Natalie Zolty (A5)
2157475318APhil Robertshaw(GM) (A2)Graham Harding (A15)
1157454297AGareth Williams(GM) (A3)Graham Harding (A15)
3158491333AGary Oliver(GM) (A8)Andy Becher (A9)
2170517347ACraig Solomons (A4)Brian Jones (A14)
1174516342AJames Burley (A7)Ruth MacInerney (A19)
4182493311AHarshan Lamabadusuriya(GM) (A1)Paul Steadman (A24)
6213557344APhil Robertshaw(GM) (A2)Andy Becher (A9)
3226539313AHarshan Lamabadusuriya(GM) (A1)John Matthews (A20)
1242548306AAndy Becher (A9)Mike Evans (A21)
6246606360ANatalie Zolty (A5)Martin Taylor (A12)

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