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The 2018 National Scrabble Championship Final and Plate Competitions
Sponsored by Elie Dangoor
The Sir Naim Dangoor Centre, Westminster Academy, London W2
6th-7th October 2018
2018 live streaming here.

Division B Round 3 Standings

ClassPlayerLast GameNext Game
13–0+319180AMike Whiteoak (B5)2W:356-336:B11replies vs. B12 @27
23–0+262198APaloma Raychbart (B4)1W:442-430:B1starts vs. B11 @29
32–1+286160BBobbie Penn (B15)1W:464-297:B18starts vs. B14 @32
42–1+275155APaul Coyle (B2)2L:328-431:B10starts vs. B7 @31
52–1+149154ADavid Shenkin (B7)2L:348-354:B3replies vs. B2 @31
62–1+130158APhil Kelly (B10)1W:431-328:B2replies vs. B9 @30
72–1+108157BIan Nichol (B14)1W:384-288:B17replies vs. B15 @32
82–1+83146ACaroline McLaughlin (B11)1L:336-356:B5replies vs. B4 @29
92–1+31163BGwen Rea (B22)1W:381-377:B20replies vs. B17 @?
102–1−11163BSumbul Siddiqui (B12)1L:330-439:B8starts vs. B5 @27
112–1−45153AStewart Brodie (B9)2W:415-400:B6starts vs. B10 @30
122–1−118151AFidelis Olotu (B3)1W:354-348:B7replies vs. B19 @?
131–2+12119AIan Coventry (B6)1L:400-415:B9replies vs. B1 @33
141–2−6100ARafal Dominiczak (B1)2L:430-442:B4starts vs. B6 @33
151–2−18150AJason Tsang_Wai_Yin (B8)2W:439-330:B12starts vs. B21 @28
161–2−75128BGeoff Cooper (B17)2L:288-384:B14starts vs. B22 @?
171–2−77127BTolani Ayo-Awojobi (B13)1W:436-418:B19replies vs. B18 @35
181–2−240106BJoseph Bennett (B21)1W:437-341:B16replies vs. B8 @28
191–2−328130BRosemary Wood (B19)2L:418-436:B13starts vs. B3 @?
200–3−16280BHenry Walton (B16)2L:341-437:B21starts vs. B20 @34
210–3−25897BSydney Berger (B20)2L:377-381:B22replies vs. B16 @34
220–3−31796BRuth Cawsey (B18)2L:297-464:B15starts vs. B13 @35

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