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The 2018 National Scrabble Championship Final and Plate Competitions
Sponsored by Elie Dangoor
The Sir Naim Dangoor Centre, Westminster Academy, London W2
6th-7th October 2018
Streamed games are here.
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Division B High Losses

11476494APhil Kelly (B10)Ian Coventry (B6)
2456513BTolani Ayo-Awojobi (B13)Paul Coyle (B2)
5438480AStewart Brodie (B9)Fidelis Olotu (B3)
4435448APhil Kelly (B10)Stewart Brodie (B9)
16435461BSumbul Siddiqui (B12)Jason Tsang_Wai_Yin (B8)
3430442ARafal Dominiczak (B1)Paloma Raychbart (B4)
11428438BIan Nichol (B14)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (B13)
5425458BSumbul Siddiqui (B12)David Shenkin (B7)
7424431ACaroline McLaughlin (B11)Gwen Rea (B22)
7419496APaul Coyle (B2)Paloma Raychbart (B4)
3418436BRosemary Wood (B19)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (B13)
1418437BGwen Rea (B22)Rafal Dominiczak (B1)
12416429AJason Tsang_Wai_Yin (B8)Rafal Dominiczak (B1)
14414455APaul Coyle (B2)Paloma Raychbart (B4)
6414446BGeoff Cooper (B17)Sumbul Siddiqui (B12)
11409411AStewart Brodie (B9)Henry Walton (B16)
15408463ARafal Dominiczak (B1)Paloma Raychbart (B4)
14406422ADavid Shenkin (B7)Mike Whiteoak (B5)
7404406AStewart Brodie (B9)Jason Tsang_Wai_Yin (B8)
2401447AJason Tsang_Wai_Yin (B8)Gwen Rea (B22)
3400415AIan Coventry (B6)Stewart Brodie (B9)
11399424BSydney Berger (B20)Caroline McLaughlin (B11)
8398414AMike Whiteoak (B5)Paul Coyle (B2)
16398412BJoseph Bennett (B21)Geoff Cooper (B17)
16397426ARafal Dominiczak (B1)Mike Whiteoak (B5)
14396409BRuth Cawsey (B18)Ian Nichol (B14)
14394455BSydney Berger (B20)Bobbie Penn (B15)
15392407AJason Tsang_Wai_Yin (B8)Fidelis Olotu (B3)
1392405BHenry Walton (B16)Caroline McLaughlin (B11)
1391429BTolani Ayo-Awojobi (B13)Phil Kelly (B10)
10388390BIan Nichol (B14)Paloma Raychbart (B4)
7388457BJoseph Bennett (B21)Rosemary Wood (B19)
5387391AMike Whiteoak (B5)Paloma Raychbart (B4)
2387398APhil Kelly (B10)Rosemary Wood (B19)
6387463BIan Nichol (B14)Mike Whiteoak (B5)
8386453AFidelis Olotu (B3)Rafal Dominiczak (B1)
6386397APhil Kelly (B10)Rafal Dominiczak (B1)
1385428BRuth Cawsey (B18)Fidelis Olotu (B3)
4383497BRosemary Wood (B19)Fidelis Olotu (B3)
8382399BJoseph Bennett (B21)Geoff Cooper (B17)
12381402APhil Kelly (B10)David Shenkin (B7)
5381400BGeoff Cooper (B17)Jason Tsang_Wai_Yin (B8)
8381411BRosemary Wood (B19)Ruth Cawsey (B18)
12381449BRosemary Wood (B19)Bobbie Penn (B15)
4380398APaul Coyle (B2)David Shenkin (B7)
7380470BBobbie Penn (B15)Rafal Dominiczak (B1)
2379392ARafal Dominiczak (B1)Sumbul Siddiqui (B12)
10379455AStewart Brodie (B9)Ruth Cawsey (B18)
4379421BSumbul Siddiqui (B12)Mike Whiteoak (B5)
5379446BTolani Ayo-Awojobi (B13)Ian Coventry (B6)
16377485APhil Kelly (B10)Paloma Raychbart (B4)
4377415BBobbie Penn (B15)Ian Nichol (B14)
3377381BSydney Berger (B20)Gwen Rea (B22)
1375450AIan Coventry (B6)Geoff Cooper (B17)
9374485APaul Coyle (B2)Jason Tsang_Wai_Yin (B8)
11374397AFidelis Olotu (B3)Paloma Raychbart (B4)
13374417BRosemary Wood (B19)Ian Nichol (B14)
6374391BJoseph Bennett (B21)Sydney Berger (B20)
9373381AIan Coventry (B6)Paloma Raychbart (B4)
8372395ADavid Shenkin (B7)Paloma Raychbart (B4)
13371433ACaroline McLaughlin (B11)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (B13)
8371396BTolani Ayo-Awojobi (B13)Henry Walton (B16)
14371468BGeoff Cooper (B17)Fidelis Olotu (B3)
12371432BRuth Cawsey (B18)Sumbul Siddiqui (B12)
16371404BRuth Cawsey (B18)Ian Coventry (B6)
12370386BHenry Walton (B16)Joseph Bennett (B21)
15370375BSydney Berger (B20)Sumbul Siddiqui (B12)
9369450AStewart Brodie (B9)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (B13)
1367452BSydney Berger (B20)Sumbul Siddiqui (B12)
13365412AIan Coventry (B6)Bobbie Penn (B15)
16365490BBobbie Penn (B15)Ian Nichol (B14)
15365438BRosemary Wood (B19)Joseph Bennett (B21)
15364433AIan Coventry (B6)Gwen Rea (B22)
1362410BBobbie Penn (B15)David Shenkin (B7)
11359400BGeoff Cooper (B17)Rosemary Wood (B19)
15358462ACaroline McLaughlin (B11)Phil Kelly (B10)
12357443BGeoff Cooper (B17)Caroline McLaughlin (B11)
7357407BSydney Berger (B20)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (B13)
14356477ACaroline McLaughlin (B11)Ian Coventry (B6)
9356396BBobbie Penn (B15)Geoff Cooper (B17)
10356400BHenry Walton (B16)Bobbie Penn (B15)
6356463BGwen Rea (B22)Paloma Raychbart (B4)
12355481BIan Nichol (B14)Paul Coyle (B2)
4355373BJoseph Bennett (B21)Jason Tsang_Wai_Yin (B8)
14354402APhil Kelly (B10)Joseph Bennett (B21)
9354453ACaroline McLaughlin (B11)Phil Kelly (B10)
2353407BGeoff Cooper (B17)Stewart Brodie (B9)
1352433AJason Tsang_Wai_Yin (B8)Paloma Raychbart (B4)
5352370BRosemary Wood (B19)Henry Walton (B16)
12352418BSydney Berger (B20)Stewart Brodie (B9)
8351361BSumbul Siddiqui (B12)Gwen Rea (B22)
6350362BHenry Walton (B16)Ruth Cawsey (B18)
13350497BGeoff Cooper (B17)Ruth Cawsey (B18)
2349402BHenry Walton (B16)Mike Whiteoak (B5)
3348354ADavid Shenkin (B7)Fidelis Olotu (B3)
8347525BBobbie Penn (B15)Ian Coventry (B6)
1346460AStewart Brodie (B9)Ian Nichol (B14)
10346365BGeoff Cooper (B17)Sydney Berger (B20)
13344405AJason Tsang_Wai_Yin (B8)Sydney Berger (B20)
15344532BBobbie Penn (B15)Paul Coyle (B2)
14344497BGwen Rea (B22)Rafal Dominiczak (B1)
12342539BTolani Ayo-Awojobi (B13)Paloma Raychbart (B4)
6342442BBobbie Penn (B15)Stewart Brodie (B9)
4341423APaloma Raychbart (B4)Caroline McLaughlin (B11)
4341407AIan Coventry (B6)Rafal Dominiczak (B1)
5341389ACaroline McLaughlin (B11)Bobbie Penn (B15)
3341437BHenry Walton (B16)Joseph Bennett (B21)
8340390BSydney Berger (B20)Phil Kelly (B10)
9339390AFidelis Olotu (B3)Gwen Rea (B22)
13339515APaloma Raychbart (B4)Mike Whiteoak (B5)
6338443BRosemary Wood (B19)Ian Coventry (B6)
11337374AJason Tsang_Wai_Yin (B8)David Shenkin (B7)
13337374BJoseph Bennett (B21)Stewart Brodie (B9)
8336383AJason Tsang_Wai_Yin (B8)Ian Nichol (B14)
3336356ACaroline McLaughlin (B11)Mike Whiteoak (B5)
14336419BTolani Ayo-Awojobi (B13)Sumbul Siddiqui (B12)
7336407BIan Nichol (B14)Fidelis Olotu (B3)
10335336ACaroline McLaughlin (B11)Fidelis Olotu (B3)
5334437BGwen Rea (B22)Paul Coyle (B2)
2333440BRuth Cawsey (B18)David Shenkin (B7)
7332489BSumbul Siddiqui (B12)Ian Coventry (B6)
4331421BRuth Cawsey (B18)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (B13)
3330439BSumbul Siddiqui (B12)Jason Tsang_Wai_Yin (B8)
10330374BSumbul Siddiqui (B12)Rosemary Wood (B19)
13329430BSumbul Siddiqui (B12)Fidelis Olotu (B3)
2329431BIan Nichol (B14)Ian Coventry (B6)
3328431APaul Coyle (B2)Phil Kelly (B10)
9328506AMike Whiteoak (B5)Rafal Dominiczak (B1)
16328449BHenry Walton (B16)Rosemary Wood (B19)
14328414BRosemary Wood (B19)Stewart Brodie (B9)
12328419BGwen Rea (B22)Ian Coventry (B6)
13327522BHenry Walton (B16)Phil Kelly (B10)
9325344BJoseph Bennett (B21)Ruth Cawsey (B18)
8321386AStewart Brodie (B9)Caroline McLaughlin (B11)
10321530BJoseph Bennett (B21)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (B13)
14320482BHenry Walton (B16)Jason Tsang_Wai_Yin (B8)
10319448AJason Tsang_Wai_Yin (B8)Mike Whiteoak (B5)
16318420ADavid Shenkin (B7)Paul Coyle (B2)
10318501APhil Kelly (B10)Gwen Rea (B22)
16315376ACaroline McLaughlin (B11)Sydney Berger (B20)
9313405BRosemary Wood (B19)Sydney Berger (B20)
6311443AFidelis Olotu (B3)Paul Coyle (B2)
10309458AIan Coventry (B6)Paul Coyle (B2)
13306420ADavid Shenkin (B7)Rafal Dominiczak (B1)
7306480BRuth Cawsey (B18)Phil Kelly (B10)
5306413BSydney Berger (B20)Ruth Cawsey (B18)
2303472BSydney Berger (B20)Paloma Raychbart (B4)
2302469AFidelis Olotu (B3)Bobbie Penn (B15)
7300413ADavid Shenkin (B7)Mike Whiteoak (B5)
15300450AStewart Brodie (B9)Ruth Cawsey (B18)
16300491AStewart Brodie (B9)Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (B13)
13300451BGwen Rea (B22)Paul Coyle (B2)
11299479BSumbul Siddiqui (B12)Ruth Cawsey (B18)
9297520BHenry Walton (B16)Sumbul Siddiqui (B12)
3297464BRuth Cawsey (B18)Bobbie Penn (B15)
10296530ARafal Dominiczak (B1)David Shenkin (B7)
6296454ACaroline McLaughlin (B11)David Shenkin (B7)
9296532BIan Nichol (B14)David Shenkin (B7)
1296542BJoseph Bennett (B21)Mike Whiteoak (B5)
6294483BTolani Ayo-Awojobi (B13)Jason Tsang_Wai_Yin (B8)
12289523AFidelis Olotu (B3)Mike Whiteoak (B5)
3288384BGeoff Cooper (B17)Ian Nichol (B14)
2287377BJoseph Bennett (B21)Caroline McLaughlin (B11)
11287406BJoseph Bennett (B21)Bobbie Penn (B15)
5286409APhil Kelly (B10)Ian Nichol (B14)
4286527BHenry Walton (B16)Sydney Berger (B20)
4284397BGeoff Cooper (B17)Gwen Rea (B22)
15281395ADavid Shenkin (B7)Mike Whiteoak (B5)
15277402BTolani Ayo-Awojobi (B13)Ian Nichol (B14)
7272426BHenry Walton (B16)Geoff Cooper (B17)
11271498AMike Whiteoak (B5)Gwen Rea (B22)
5269477BJoseph Bennett (B21)Rafal Dominiczak (B1)
1234555BRosemary Wood (B19)Paul Coyle (B2)

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