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The 2018 National Scrabble Championship Final and Plate Competitions
Sponsored by Elie Dangoor
The Sir Naim Dangoor Centre, Westminster Academy, London W2
6th-7th October 2018
2018 live streaming here.

Division B Firsts and Seconds

#Player1st2ndRecord of Firsts and Seconds
1Rafal Dominiczak882121212112121221
2Paul Coyle882121211221212112
3Fidelis Olotu882112121221211221
4Paloma Raychbart971211212122121211
5Mike Whiteoak881122121121122122
6Ian Coventry882112211212211212
7David Shenkin971122112211212211
8Jason Tsang_Wai_Yin882121211212112212
9Stewart Brodie792121212211221212
10Phil Kelly881212121212121212
11Caroline McLaughlin882112122122121121
12Sumbul Siddiqui882211212121212121
13Tolani Ayo-Awojobi882212121221112211
14Ian Nichol791212212121221122
15Bobbie Penn882211221121212121
16Henry Walton881221122112122112
17Geoff Cooper881221121212212121
18Ruth Cawsey881221212112121221
19Rosemary Wood971121221212122111
20Sydney Berger881122122121211212
21Joseph Bennett792212112122112122
22Gwen Rea881212121211221122

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