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The 2018 National Scrabble Championship Final and Plate Competitions
Sponsored by Elie Dangoor
The Sir Naim Dangoor Centre, Westminster Academy, London W2
6th-7th October 2018
2018 live streaming here.

Division B Round 13 Alphabetic Pairings

TablePlayer Opponent
30Tolani Ayo-Awojobi (B13) repliesCaroline McLaughlin (B11) starts
35Joseph Bennett (B21) repliesStewart Brodie (B9) starts
31Sydney Berger (B20) startsJason Tsang_Wai_Yin (B8) replies
35Stewart Brodie (B9) startsJoseph Bennett (B21) replies
37Ruth Cawsey (B18) startsGeoff Cooper (B17) replies
37Geoff Cooper (B17) repliesRuth Cawsey (B18) starts
29Ian Coventry (B6) startsBobbie Penn (B15) replies repeat
34Paul Coyle (B2) repliesGwen Rea (B22) starts repeat
28Rafal Dominiczak (B1) startsDavid Shenkin (B7) replies repeat
36Phil Kelly (B10) startsHenry Walton (B16) replies
30Caroline McLaughlin (B11) startsTolani Ayo-Awojobi (B13) replies
32Ian Nichol (B14) startsRosemary Wood (B19) replies
33Fidelis Olotu (B3) startsSumbul Siddiqui (B12) replies
29Bobbie Penn (B15) repliesIan Coventry (B6) starts repeat
27Paloma Raychbart (B4) startsMike Whiteoak (B5) replies repeat
34Gwen Rea (B22) startsPaul Coyle (B2) replies repeat
28David Shenkin (B7) repliesRafal Dominiczak (B1) starts repeat
33Sumbul Siddiqui (B12) repliesFidelis Olotu (B3) starts
31Jason Tsang_Wai_Yin (B8) repliesSydney Berger (B20) starts
36Henry Walton (B16) repliesPhil Kelly (B10) starts
27Mike Whiteoak (B5) repliesPaloma Raychbart (B4) starts repeat
32Rosemary Wood (B19) repliesIan Nichol (B14) starts

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