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The 2018 National Scrabble Championship Final and Plate Competitions
Sponsored by Elie Dangoor
The Sir Naim Dangoor Centre, Westminster Academy, London W2
6th-7th October 2018
2018 live streaming here.

Division A Round 4 Ratings

ClassPlayerLast GameNext Game
14–0+533190213+23AAustin Shin(GM) (A4)1W:470-291:A24replies vs. A23 @8
24–0+400181214+33AEd Martin(GM) (A9)1W:418-322:A11starts vs. A45 @9
34–0+323166213+47CStu Harkness (A23)2W:565-355:A15starts vs. A4 @8
44–0+242149220+71ESteve Bartlett (A45)1W:490-291:A21replies vs. A9 @9
53–1+374180184+4BWayne Kelly(GM) (A10)2W:517-442:A22replies vs. A30 @11
63–1+251195194−1APaul Gallen(GM) (A2)2W:518-421:A6starts vs. A18 @14
73–1+227183191+8ADavid Webb(GM) (A8)2W:479-421:A7starts vs. A26 @13
83–1+226191182−9APaul Allan(GM) (A3)2W:444-436:A48starts vs. A1 @6
93–1+218160199+39DStewart Houten (A35)2L:373-530:A13starts vs. A21 @3
103–1+203177182+5BRik Kennedy(Exp) (A13)1W:530-373:A35starts vs. A39 @15
113–1+198196186−10ALewis Mackay(GM) (A1)2W:504-337:A34replies vs. A3 @6
123–1+186156189+33DRob Blundell (A38)1W:449-386:A20starts vs. A44 @10
133–1+176167198+31CChris Cummins (A22)1L:442-517:A10replies vs. A20 @4
143–1+169162187+25CJamie Jones (A30)2W:457-373:A32starts vs. A10 @11
153–1+139165191+26CVince Boyle (A26)2W:477-306:A36replies vs. A8 @13
163–1+48168188+20CSteve{Oxford} Perry (A21)2L:291-490:A45replies vs. A35 @3
173–1−49169187+18BMohamed Kamara (A18)1W:448-415:A12replies vs. A2 @14
183–1−69150192+42EBrian Jones (A44)1W:422-390:A47replies vs. A38 @10
193–1−112168187+19CJames Squires (A19)1W:332-327:A37replies vs. A34 @2
202–2+405168164−4CBob Violett(Exp) (A20)2L:386-449:A38starts vs. A22 @4
212–2+198189160−29AHarshan Lamabadusuriya(GM) (A5)2W:516-333:A39starts vs. A17 @20
212–2+198180166−14BElie Dangoor(Exp) (A11)2L:322-418:A9starts vs. A24 @7
232–2+193161160−1DQuentin Baker (A33)1W:502-259:A40replies vs. A32 @18
242–2+91158159+1DGraham Harding (A37)2L:327-332:A19starts vs. A7 @16
252–2+43165152−13CBarry Grossman(Exp) (A27)2W:460-389:A50starts vs. A29 @25
262–2+33153167+14EChris Harrison (A43)2W:421-333:A41starts vs. A12 @19
272–2+23171163−8BRobert Richland(Exp) (A15)1L:355-565:A23starts vs. A6 @12
282–2+7164160−4CKwaku Sapong (A29)1W:444-343:A51replies vs. A27 @25
292–2+3173161−12BDiane Pratesi(Exp) (A14)1W:338-294:A17replies vs. A28 @17
302–2−28156175+19DVictoria Kingham (A39)1L:333-516:A5replies vs. A13 @15
312–2−53189169−20ACraig Beevers(GM) (A6)1L:421-518:A2replies vs. A15 @12
322–2−91166168+2CAndrei Russell-Gebbett (A24)2L:291-470:A4replies vs. A11 @7
332–2−164189165−24APhil Robertshaw(GM) (A7)1L:421-479:A8replies vs. A37 @16
342–2−172160171+11DJohn Ashmore (A34)1L:337-504:A1starts vs. A19 @2
352–2−180164158−6CCecil Muscat (A28)2W:391-361:A46starts vs. A14 @17
362–2−218162155−7CDavid Holmes (A31)2W:439-429:A52starts vs. A42 @23
371–3+36165140−25CGary Oliver(GM) (A25)1W:552-355:A42replies vs. A49 @24
381–3−8179134−45BEd Rossiter(Exp) (A12)2L:415-448:A18replies vs. A43 @19
391–3−35170131−39BNatalie Zolty (A16)1W:432-358:A49replies vs. A41 @21
401–3−41161142−19DAhmed Khan (A32)1L:373-457:A30starts vs. A33 @18
411–3−51147144−3EAdrienne Berger (A46)1L:361-391:A28replies vs. A48 @1
421–3−96141147+6EDiane Bromilow (A48)1L:436-444:A3starts vs. A46 @1
431–3−103169146−23BCraig Solomons (A17)2L:294-338:A14replies vs. A5 @20
441–3−173145137−8EKevin Synnott (A47)2L:390-422:A44starts vs. A36 @22
451–3−202159141−18DRick Blakeway (A36)1L:306-477:A26replies vs. A47 @22
460–4−3239686−10EBaldip Kaur (A52)1L:429-439:A31replies vs. A40 @26
470–4−372130115−15EAnne Convery (A50)1L:389-460:A27replies vs. A51 @5
480–4−422133120−13EAyaz Kazi (A49)2L:358-432:A16starts vs. A25 @24
490–4−435153119−34EAnne Ashmore (A41)1L:333-421:A43starts vs. A16 @21
500–4−478118108−10EAngele Andrews (A51)2L:343-444:A29starts vs. A50 @5
510–4−508153122−31EMatthew Pinner (A42)2L:355-552:A25replies vs. A31 @23
520–4−760154119−35DRuth MacInerney (A40)2L:259-502:A33starts vs. A52 @26

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