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Collingham 24 hour
*Starts and replies are messed up!
Alternate S/R with whatever RR1 says with other RRs*

Player Rosters

Division ADivision W2Division WADivision WBDivision WC
1169Chris Hawkins(Exp)1169Ash Coldrick1150Mick Healy1135Marjorie Struggles1118David Garland
2169Diane Pratesi(Exp)2150Mick Healy2149Andrew Eames2126Alison Lowe2102David Coates
3154Paul{Austral} Richards3149Andrew Eames3148Matthew Pinner3125Lorna Rapley397Irene Newberry
4137Frankie Latham4148Matthew Pinner4140Lorraine Crouch4121Sue Ison697Maisie Culpin
5125Geoff Cooper5140Lorraine Crouch5137Heather Burnet6121Chris Bluett480Valerie Coates
6109Michael Thomas6135Marjorie Struggles6137Ginny Dixon5120Margaret Pritchett575Julie Preston
    7125Lorna Rapley            
    8121Chris Bluett            
    9120Margaret Pritchett            
    1097Irene Newberry            

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