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Collingham 24 hour
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Prize Table

1Division a Rank: 1st£30Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2) 20.5-4.5 +1724
2Division a Rank: 2nd£20Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1) 16.5-8.5 +1717
3Division a High Rating Change£10Michael Thomas (A6) +15 = 124-109
4Division wa Rank: 1st£10Andrew Eames (WA2) 5-0 +879
5Division wa Rank: 2nd£5Mick Healy (WA1) 4-1 -58
6Division wb Rank: 1st£10Alison Lowe (WB2) 4-1 +203
7Division wb Rank: 2nd£5Chris Bluett (WB6) 3-2 -166
8Division wc Rank: 1st£10David Garland (WC1) 4-1 +308
9Division wc Rank: 2nd£5David Coates (WC2) 3.5-1.5 +201
10Division w2 Rank: 1st£20Andrew Eames (W2-3) 4.5-0.5 +599
11Division w2 Rank: 2nd£10Matthew Pinner (W2-4) 4-1 +248
12Division w2 High Rating Change£5Marjorie Struggles (W2-6) +32 = 167-135

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