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Collingham 24 hour
*Starts and replies are messed up!
Alternate S/R with whatever RR1 says with other RRs*

Division WB Round 3 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast GameNext Game
13–0+216Alison Lowe (WB2)2W:444-348:WB5starts vs. WB6 @14
22–1−65Marjorie Struggles (WB1)2W:425-399:WB3starts vs. WB4 @12
31–2+118Lorna Rapley (WB3)1L:399-425:WB1replies vs. WB5 @13
41–2+77Margaret Pritchett (WB5)1L:348-444:WB2starts vs. WB3 @13
51–2−116Sue Ison (WB4)1L:324-369:WB6replies vs. WB1 @12
61–2−230Chris Bluett (WB6)2W:369-324:WB4replies vs. WB2 @14

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