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Collingham 24 hour
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Division W2 Low Losses

2262509Margaret Pritchett (W2-9)Andrew Eames (W2-3)
3282482Irene Newberry (W2-10)Lorna Rapley (W2-7)
5297518Margaret Pritchett (W2-9)Ash Coldrick (W2-1)
4303437Lorraine Crouch (W2-5)Matthew Pinner (W2-4)
3306522Matthew Pinner (W2-4)Andrew Eames (W2-3)
3307318Margaret Pritchett (W2-9)Chris Bluett (W2-8)
5315389Irene Newberry (W2-10)Chris Bluett (W2-8)
1325368Irene Newberry (W2-10)Lorraine Crouch (W2-5)
5326404Lorraine Crouch (W2-5)Andrew Eames (W2-3)
2334433Irene Newberry (W2-10)Matthew Pinner (W2-4)
4334394Irene Newberry (W2-10)Mick Healy (W2-2)
2348440Lorna Rapley (W2-7)Ash Coldrick (W2-1)
5349441Lorna Rapley (W2-7)Marjorie Struggles (W2-6)
1355391Lorna Rapley (W2-7)Mick Healy (W2-2)
2356454Mick Healy (W2-2)Marjorie Struggles (W2-6)
2357439Chris Bluett (W2-8)Lorraine Crouch (W2-5)
1359417Chris Bluett (W2-8)Andrew Eames (W2-3)
5363572Mick Healy (W2-2)Matthew Pinner (W2-4)
3381402Marjorie Struggles (W2-6)Lorraine Crouch (W2-5)
1383405Margaret Pritchett (W2-9)Matthew Pinner (W2-4)
3396410Ash Coldrick (W2-1)Mick Healy (W2-2)
4396407Chris Bluett (W2-8)Ash Coldrick (W2-1)
1400422Ash Coldrick (W2-1)Marjorie Struggles (W2-6)
4409415Lorna Rapley (W2-7)Margaret Pritchett (W2-9)

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