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Collingham 24 hour
*Starts and replies are messed up!
Alternate S/R with whatever RR1 says with other RRs*

Division A Round 14 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast GameNext Game
111–3+565Paul{Austral} Richards (A3)1W:462-340:A4starts vs. A1 @3
210½–3½+420Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2)1W:460-401:A1replies vs. A5 @1
39–5+889Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1)2L:401-460:A2replies vs. A3 @3
45–9−422Frankie Latham (A4)2L:340-462:A3starts vs. A6 @2
54–10−608Michael Thomas (A6)1T:337-337:A5replies vs. A4 @2
62½–11½−844Geoff Cooper (A5)2T:337-337:A6starts vs. A2 @1

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