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Collingham 24 hour
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Alternate S/R with whatever RR1 says with other RRs*

Division A High Spreads

17303607304Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1)Frankie Latham (A4)
22273574301Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1)Geoff Cooper (A5)
12259474215Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1)Geoff Cooper (A5)
21249556307Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2)Paul{Austral} Richards (A3)
8237520283Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1)Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2)
22228502274Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2)Frankie Latham (A4)
15223510287Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2)Geoff Cooper (A5)
20217484267Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2)Geoff Cooper (A5)
5210480270Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1)Frankie Latham (A4)
9184540356Paul{Austral} Richards (A3)Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1)
7182490308Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1)Geoff Cooper (A5)
24139502363Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1)Frankie Latham (A4)
23129491362Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1)Paul{Austral} Richards (A3)
9128415287Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2)Geoff Cooper (A5)
24128421293Paul{Austral} Richards (A3)Geoff Cooper (A5)
1126416290Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1)Michael Thomas (A6)
7126481355Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2)Frankie Latham (A4)
14122462340Paul{Austral} Richards (A3)Frankie Latham (A4)
5112431319Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2)Michael Thomas (A6)
6112455343Paul{Austral} Richards (A3)Geoff Cooper (A5)
20109387278Frankie Latham (A4)Michael Thomas (A6)
9108389281Frankie Latham (A4)Michael Thomas (A6)
11106501395Geoff Cooper (A5)Frankie Latham (A4)
18105384279Paul{Austral} Richards (A3)Michael Thomas (A6)
20103479376Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1)Paul{Austral} Richards (A3)
2599448349Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2)Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1)
199468369Frankie Latham (A4)Geoff Cooper (A5)
1699463364Frankie Latham (A4)Paul{Austral} Richards (A3)
2396377281Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2)Geoff Cooper (A5)
2592419327Michael Thomas (A6)Geoff Cooper (A5)
1090432342Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1)Michael Thomas (A6)
1690493403Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2)Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1)
188436348Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2)Paul{Austral} Richards (A3)
1284408324Paul{Austral} Richards (A3)Michael Thomas (A6)
483363280Michael Thomas (A6)Frankie Latham (A4)
1880421341Frankie Latham (A4)Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2)
278416338Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2)Frankie Latham (A4)
1977384307Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1)Michael Thomas (A6)
777428351Paul{Austral} Richards (A3)Michael Thomas (A6)
1976392316Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2)Paul{Austral} Richards (A3)
1175420345Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1)Michael Thomas (A6)
2375388313Frankie Latham (A4)Michael Thomas (A6)
1069380311Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2)Paul{Austral} Richards (A3)
1567419352Michael Thomas (A6)Frankie Latham (A4)
1459460401Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2)Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1)
556450394Paul{Austral} Richards (A3)Geoff Cooper (A5)
2256398342Michael Thomas (A6)Paul{Austral} Richards (A3)
2455368313Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2)Michael Thomas (A6)
1751422371Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2)Michael Thomas (A6)
1251423372Frankie Latham (A4)Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2)
646401355Frankie Latham (A4)Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1)
242423381Paul{Austral} Richards (A3)Michael Thomas (A6)
241503462Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1)Geoff Cooper (A5)
335425390Frankie Latham (A4)Paul{Austral} Richards (A3)
1734376342Paul{Austral} Richards (A3)Geoff Cooper (A5)
331432401Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2)Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1)
1931351320Geoff Cooper (A5)Frankie Latham (A4)
331380349Michael Thomas (A6)Geoff Cooper (A5)
1330343313Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2)Michael Thomas (A6)
1330400370Paul{Austral} Richards (A3)Geoff Cooper (A5)
1129385356Paul{Austral} Richards (A3)Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2)
1026361335Geoff Cooper (A5)Frankie Latham (A4)
1625297272Geoff Cooper (A5)Michael Thomas (A6)
822330308Michael Thomas (A6)Geoff Cooper (A5)
2521367346Paul{Austral} Richards (A3)Frankie Latham (A4)
420425405Paul{Austral} Richards (A3)Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1)
2118401383Michael Thomas (A6)Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1)
416426410Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2)Geoff Cooper (A5)
2112392380Frankie Latham (A4)Geoff Cooper (A5)
1511394383Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1)Paul{Austral} Richards (A3)
139379370Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1)Frankie Latham (A4)
81396395Paul{Austral} Richards (A3)Frankie Latham (A4)
180392392Geoff Cooper (A5)Chris Hawkins(Exp) (A1)
60388388Michael Thomas (A6)Diane Pratesi(Exp) (A2)
140337337Michael Thomas (A6)Geoff Cooper (A5)

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