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Broadstairs Seaside Pirate Special 28th and 29th July 2018


 Division ADivision BDivision CDivision D
Registered Players12121212
Scored Players12121212
Active Players12121212
Minimum Rating16815213687
Mean Rating177.0159.5132.3114.8
Median Rating173160143.5120.5
Maximum Rating201167151136
Unrated Players0010
Total Games Played96969696
Games Tied1000
Total Points Scored82640774347520171455
Mean Points Scored860.8806.6783.3744.3
Mean Spread74.179.484.878.0
Higher Rated Win %58.3%56.8%51.0%61.5%
Rating Points Per Spread0.590.345.940.49
Starter Win%48.4%62.5%51.0%51.0%
Starter Score427.7411.4394.1373.7
Replier Score433.2395.2389.2370.7
Starting Advantage-5.516.34.93.0

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