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Broadstairs Seaside Pirate Special 28th and 29th July 2018

Ye Division of THE FILTHY FRIGATE BUCCANEERS (D) Round 16 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
113–3+987Caroline McLaughlin (D3)2W:398-376:D5
211–5−16Gary Jones (D8)1W:376-352:D2
310–6+881Peter Dolgenos (D2)2L:352-376:D8
410–6+276Dan Smith (D7)1W:340-275:D9
59–7+343Ginny Dixon (D1)2L:283-316:D4
68–8+206Betty Toole (D10)2W:434-257:D11
78–8−206Marie Senior (D6)1W:386-346:D12
87–9+204Angele Andrews (D4)1W:316-283:D1
97–9+39Barbara Morris (D5)1L:376-398:D3
106–10−201Adrian Noller (D9)2L:275-340:D7
114–12−1513Jim Lyes (D11)1L:257-434:D10
123–13−1000Claire Violett (D12)2L:346-386:D6

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