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Broadstairs Seaside Pirate Special 28th and 29th July 2018


5536234Angele Andrews (D4)Claire Violett (D12)
9525360Ginny Dixon (D1)Claire Violett (D12)
2519347Ginny Dixon (D1)Marie Senior (D6)
3519254Caroline McLaughlin (D3)Jim Lyes (D11)
12495363Angele Andrews (D4)Jim Lyes (D11)
15493351Caroline McLaughlin (D3)Dan Smith (D7)
5483201Peter Dolgenos (D2)Jim Lyes (D11)
15474365Peter Dolgenos (D2)Ginny Dixon (D1)
6474293Caroline McLaughlin (D3)Barbara Morris (D5)
1473366Caroline McLaughlin (D3)Angele Andrews (D4)
3472344Peter Dolgenos (D2)Claire Violett (D12)
12471331Caroline McLaughlin (D3)Peter Dolgenos (D2)
13471418Jim Lyes (D11)Claire Violett (D12)
3469365Dan Smith (D7)Ginny Dixon (D1)
7468281Peter Dolgenos (D2)Gary Jones (D8)
7465297Claire Violett (D12)Barbara Morris (D5)
6464272Peter Dolgenos (D2)Dan Smith (D7)
8463386Dan Smith (D7)Betty Toole (D10)
10461298Adrian Noller (D9)Jim Lyes (D11)
15459318Betty Toole (D10)Claire Violett (D12)
1453320Barbara Morris (D5)Marie Senior (D6)
12452244Barbara Morris (D5)Claire Violett (D12)
9451419Barbara Morris (D5)Angele Andrews (D4)
11448354Marie Senior (D6)Adrian Noller (D9)
9442408Caroline McLaughlin (D3)Peter Dolgenos (D2)
3439432Adrian Noller (D9)Barbara Morris (D5)
4439341Jim Lyes (D11)Angele Andrews (D4)
15438305Barbara Morris (D5)Jim Lyes (D11)
7435294Dan Smith (D7)Jim Lyes (D11)
5434373Dan Smith (D7)Barbara Morris (D5)
16434257Betty Toole (D10)Jim Lyes (D11)
13429378Barbara Morris (D5)Angele Andrews (D4)
1429271Claire Violett (D12)Jim Lyes (D11)
7428381Caroline McLaughlin (D3)Betty Toole (D10)
8428378Adrian Noller (D9)Claire Violett (D12)
6427368Gary Jones (D8)Claire Violett (D12)
14423289Angele Andrews (D4)Claire Violett (D12)
2417360Caroline McLaughlin (D3)Claire Violett (D12)
4413354Peter Dolgenos (D2)Adrian Noller (D9)
12412363Ginny Dixon (D1)Dan Smith (D7)
8411316Gary Jones (D8)Barbara Morris (D5)
14408326Caroline McLaughlin (D3)Gary Jones (D8)
10408330Dan Smith (D7)Claire Violett (D12)
6407342Angele Andrews (D4)Adrian Noller (D9)
2407348Gary Jones (D8)Angele Andrews (D4)
8406388Peter Dolgenos (D2)Angele Andrews (D4)
14406336Dan Smith (D7)Betty Toole (D10)
12406395Gary Jones (D8)Adrian Noller (D9)
5405291Ginny Dixon (D1)Gary Jones (D8)
14405289Peter Dolgenos (D2)Ginny Dixon (D1)
4405364Dan Smith (D7)Caroline McLaughlin (D3)
9404356Marie Senior (D6)Dan Smith (D7)
5403363Caroline McLaughlin (D3)Adrian Noller (D9)
9401220Betty Toole (D10)Jim Lyes (D11)
8398376Ginny Dixon (D1)Jim Lyes (D11)
16398376Caroline McLaughlin (D3)Barbara Morris (D5)
10398333Gary Jones (D8)Caroline McLaughlin (D3)
3397396Angele Andrews (D4)Betty Toole (D10)
6394308Ginny Dixon (D1)Betty Toole (D10)
13394338Peter Dolgenos (D2)Marie Senior (D6)
10391346Ginny Dixon (D1)Angele Andrews (D4)
2391292Dan Smith (D7)Adrian Noller (D9)
6389382Jim Lyes (D11)Marie Senior (D6)
1388326Ginny Dixon (D1)Peter Dolgenos (D2)
2388337Peter Dolgenos (D2)Betty Toole (D10)
16386346Marie Senior (D6)Claire Violett (D12)
11386374Betty Toole (D10)Claire Violett (D12)
4385365Barbara Morris (D5)Ginny Dixon (D1)
4384283Claire Violett (D12)Marie Senior (D6)
5381319Betty Toole (D10)Marie Senior (D6)
10378361Betty Toole (D10)Barbara Morris (D5)
13376329Gary Jones (D8)Dan Smith (D7)
16376352Gary Jones (D8)Peter Dolgenos (D2)
7375331Marie Senior (D6)Angele Andrews (D4)
15374345Angele Andrews (D4)Adrian Noller (D9)
11371333Dan Smith (D7)Angele Andrews (D4)
11370353Gary Jones (D8)Jim Lyes (D11)
8367365Caroline McLaughlin (D3)Marie Senior (D6)
10366331Marie Senior (D6)Peter Dolgenos (D2)
11365343Barbara Morris (D5)Peter Dolgenos (D2)
3361321Marie Senior (D6)Gary Jones (D8)
13359348Caroline McLaughlin (D3)Ginny Dixon (D1)
2359354Jim Lyes (D11)Barbara Morris (D5)
14356351Adrian Noller (D9)Jim Lyes (D11)
1354351Betty Toole (D10)Adrian Noller (D9)
9352289Adrian Noller (D9)Gary Jones (D8)
1351331Gary Jones (D8)Dan Smith (D7)
7351335Adrian Noller (D9)Ginny Dixon (D1)
12350310Marie Senior (D6)Betty Toole (D10)
13350310Betty Toole (D10)Adrian Noller (D9)
15349331Gary Jones (D8)Marie Senior (D6)
16340275Dan Smith (D7)Adrian Noller (D9)
11323286Ginny Dixon (D1)Caroline McLaughlin (D3)
4320265Gary Jones (D8)Betty Toole (D10)
16316283Angele Andrews (D4)Ginny Dixon (D1)
14309305Marie Senior (D6)Barbara Morris (D5)

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