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Broadstairs Seaside Pirate Special 28th and 29th July 2017

THE FILTHY FRIGATE BUCCANEERS (D) Round 8 Alphabetic Pairings

20Angele Andrews (D4) repliesPeter Dolgenos (D2) starts
19Ginny Dixon (D1) startsJim Lyes (D11) replies
20Peter Dolgenos (D2) startsAngele Andrews (D4) replies
22Gary Jones (D8) repliesBarbara Morris (D5) starts
19Jim Lyes (D11) repliesGinny Dixon (D1) starts
21Caroline McLaughlin (D3) repliesMarie Senior (D6) starts
22Barbara Morris (D5) startsGary Jones (D8) replies
23Adrian Noller (D9) startsClaire Violett (D12) replies
21Marie Senior (D6) startsCaroline McLaughlin (D3) replies
24Dan Smith (D7) repliesBetty Toole (D10) starts
24Betty Toole (D10) startsDan Smith (D7) replies
23Claire Violett (D12) repliesAdrian Noller (D9) starts

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