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Broadstairs Seaside Pirate Special 28th and 29th July 2018

Ye Division of THE GUNPOWDERS GERTIES (C) High Total Scores

1669512.0- 4.0+735Amy Byrne (C6)
2660111.0- 5.0+723Victoria Kingham (C4)
36490 8.0- 8.0+143Chris Harrison (C3)
46284 8.0- 8.0+136Ian Nichol (C11)
56271 7.0- 9.0-91Dave Hoskisson (C2)
66247 9.0- 7.0+239Frankie Latham (C10)
76237 7.0- 9.0-284Stephen Wintle (C8)
8617711.0- 5.0-49Stewart Brodie (C5)
96144 8.0- 8.0+93Teresa Lyes (C9)
106098 5.0-11.0-379Kevin Synnott (C1)
116029 6.0-10.0-273Mary Aline Stevens (C12)
125928 4.0-12.0-993Nicky Huitson (C7)

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