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Broadstairs Seaside Pirate Special 28th and 29th July 2018

Ye Division of THE GUNPOWDERS GERTIES (C) High Losses

11444457Chris Harrison (C3)Victoria Kingham (C4)
10428478Ian Nichol (C11)Amy Byrne (C6)
10426427Dave Hoskisson (C2)Nicky Huitson (C7)
1416419Chris Harrison (C3)Mary_Aline Stevens (C12)
1410525Stephen Wintle (C8)Victoria Kingham (C4)
13408416Victoria Kingham (C4)Amy Byrne (C6)
9407425Nicky Huitson (C7)Amy Byrne (C6)
16405438Teresa Lyes (C9)Chris Harrison (C3)
4402412Teresa Lyes (C9)Mary_Aline Stevens (C12)
3401576Stephen Wintle (C8)Dave Hoskisson (C2)
9400475Mary_Aline Stevens (C12)Kevin Synnott (C1)
4397403Kevin Synnott (C1)Ian Nichol (C11)
13396450Chris Harrison (C3)Ian Nichol (C11)
13396406Frankie Latham (C10)Stewart Brodie (C5)
7393413Dave Hoskisson (C2)Stewart Brodie (C5)
14393458Stephen Wintle (C8)Victoria Kingham (C4)
16393434Frankie Latham (C10)Stewart Brodie (C5)
3391500Teresa Lyes (C9)Kevin Synnott (C1)
1389411Nicky Huitson (C7)Teresa Lyes (C9)
6389461Nicky Huitson (C7)Mary_Aline Stevens (C12)
1388404Kevin Synnott (C1)Amy Byrne (C6)
7387423Chris Harrison (C3)Kevin Synnott (C1)
9385504Teresa Lyes (C9)Stephen Wintle (C8)
3384414Amy Byrne (C6)Victoria Kingham (C4)
3383389Frankie Latham (C10)Chris Harrison (C3)
5379465Kevin Synnott (C1)Nicky Huitson (C7)
14376412Ian Nichol (C11)Teresa Lyes (C9)
15374408Kevin Synnott (C1)Ian Nichol (C11)
12374431Dave Hoskisson (C2)Chris Harrison (C3)
14374436Mary_Aline Stevens (C12)Frankie Latham (C10)
14373467Nicky Huitson (C7)Chris Harrison (C3)
3373381Mary_Aline Stevens (C12)Stewart Brodie (C5)
2371420Dave Hoskisson (C2)Teresa Lyes (C9)
10371421Stewart Brodie (C5)Chris Harrison (C3)
2370428Chris Harrison (C3)Nicky Huitson (C7)
16370423Mary_Aline Stevens (C12)Kevin Synnott (C1)
9368431Ian Nichol (C11)Frankie Latham (C10)
4367467Amy Byrne (C6)Chris Harrison (C3)
2366444Mary_Aline Stevens (C12)Amy Byrne (C6)
6365391Kevin Synnott (C1)Victoria Kingham (C4)
2364454Kevin Synnott (C1)Stewart Brodie (C5)
1364374Ian Nichol (C11)Stewart Brodie (C5)
14362378Kevin Synnott (C1)Dave Hoskisson (C2)
8361379Mary_Aline Stevens (C12)Victoria Kingham (C4)
8359408Chris Harrison (C3)Teresa Lyes (C9)
13358451Dave Hoskisson (C2)Teresa Lyes (C9)
4355429Nicky Huitson (C7)Frankie Latham (C10)
16352377Victoria Kingham (C4)Amy Byrne (C6)
11352464Nicky Huitson (C7)Stephen Wintle (C8)
9348404Chris Harrison (C3)Dave Hoskisson (C2)
10347398Kevin Synnott (C1)Frankie Latham (C10)
2345385Victoria Kingham (C4)Ian Nichol (C11)
6342508Dave Hoskisson (C2)Amy Byrne (C6)
7340382Frankie Latham (C10)Mary_Aline Stevens (C12)
8340490Frankie Latham (C10)Amy Byrne (C6)
15339558Stewart Brodie (C5)Frankie Latham (C10)
13339376Mary_Aline Stevens (C12)Stephen Wintle (C8)
5338414Victoria Kingham (C4)Frankie Latham (C10)
8338452Nicky Huitson (C7)Stewart Brodie (C5)
16338496Nicky Huitson (C7)Ian Nichol (C11)
7337349Teresa Lyes (C9)Amy Byrne (C6)
11337455Ian Nichol (C11)Mary_Aline Stevens (C12)
15335412Amy Byrne (C6)Victoria Kingham (C4)
16334513Stephen Wintle (C8)Dave Hoskisson (C2)
6334375Frankie Latham (C10)Stewart Brodie (C5)
2333373Stephen Wintle (C8)Frankie Latham (C10)
4329403Stephen Wintle (C8)Stewart Brodie (C5)
12329370Teresa Lyes (C9)Frankie Latham (C10)
11328341Teresa Lyes (C9)Frankie Latham (C10)
11327387Kevin Synnott (C1)Dave Hoskisson (C2)
5325483Dave Hoskisson (C2)Mary_Aline Stevens (C12)
9325437Stewart Brodie (C5)Victoria Kingham (C4)
15323455Nicky Huitson (C7)Dave Hoskisson (C2)
11319455Amy Byrne (C6)Stewart Brodie (C5)
12317357Mary_Aline Stevens (C12)Ian Nichol (C11)
5315414Teresa Lyes (C9)Stewart Brodie (C5)
7313427Ian Nichol (C11)Stephen Wintle (C8)
1311421Frankie Latham (C10)Dave Hoskisson (C2)
6302353Ian Nichol (C11)Teresa Lyes (C9)
12301482Stewart Brodie (C5)Amy Byrne (C6)
13300407Nicky Huitson (C7)Kevin Synnott (C1)
5300479Ian Nichol (C11)Chris Harrison (C3)
3295530Nicky Huitson (C7)Ian Nichol (C11)
12292461Kevin Synnott (C1)Nicky Huitson (C7)
15292370Stephen Wintle (C8)Teresa Lyes (C9)
7288457Nicky Huitson (C7)Victoria Kingham (C4)
12283596Stephen Wintle (C8)Victoria Kingham (C4)
6282522Chris Harrison (C3)Stephen Wintle (C8)
14280410Stewart Brodie (C5)Amy Byrne (C6)
8277467Dave Hoskisson (C2)Ian Nichol (C11)
10276427Victoria Kingham (C4)Teresa Lyes (C9)
8275480Kevin Synnott (C1)Stephen Wintle (C8)
4271356Dave Hoskisson (C2)Victoria Kingham (C4)
5263507Stephen Wintle (C8)Amy Byrne (C6)
15263396Mary_Aline Stevens (C12)Chris Harrison (C3)
10254426Mary_Aline Stevens (C12)Stephen Wintle (C8)

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