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Broadstairs Seaside Pirate Special 28th and 29th July 2018

Ye Division of THE CLOVEN NEMESIS (B) High Spreads

6347631284Quentin Baker (B6)Tim Lawrence (B9)
2340580240Nuala O'Rourke (B7)Anne Ashmore (B10)
5297516219James Burley (B8)Anne Ashmore (B10)
10242563321Paul Coyle (B3)Andrew Eames (B11)
6202468266James Burley (B8)Andrew Eames (B11)
12190482292Steve{Oxford} Perry (B2)Paul Coyle (B3)
11188531343Quentin Baker (B6)Vince Boyle (B5)
7177514337Quentin Baker (B6)Andrew Eames (B11)
5175507332Ruth MacInerney (B12)Quentin Baker (B6)
2160524364Steve{Oxford} Perry (B2)John Ashmore (B4)
4153465312Anne Ashmore (B10)Andrew Eames (B11)
3152510358Tim Lawrence (B9)Cecil Muscat (B1)
3147481334Nuala O'Rourke (B7)Andrew Eames (B11)
5146518372Steve{Oxford} Perry (B2)Tim Lawrence (B9)
16143525382Quentin Baker (B6)Andrew Eames (B11)
16138506368Steve{Oxford} Perry (B2)Paul Coyle (B3)
12138464326John Ashmore (B4)Ruth MacInerney (B12)
14135488353Ruth MacInerney (B12)Nuala O'Rourke (B7)
7129454325Tim Lawrence (B9)John Ashmore (B4)
13121498377Paul Coyle (B3)Quentin Baker (B6)
11119423304John Ashmore (B4)Paul Coyle (B3)
5117441324John Ashmore (B4)Andrew Eames (B11)
12114435321Cecil Muscat (B1)Nuala O'Rourke (B7)
8113512399Quentin Baker (B6)Cecil Muscat (B1)
3112458346James Burley (B8)Steve{Oxford} Perry (B2)
15109531422Paul Coyle (B3)Steve{Oxford} Perry (B2)
3104427323Paul Coyle (B3)Anne Ashmore (B10)
15102398296Nuala O'Rourke (B7)Quentin Baker (B6)
11102450348Anne Ashmore (B10)Tim Lawrence (B9)
1698420322Tim Lawrence (B9)Cecil Muscat (B1)
1197480383Andrew Eames (B11)Ruth MacInerney (B12)
192463371Andrew Eames (B11)Tim Lawrence (B9)
691480389Steve{Oxford} Perry (B2)Vince Boyle (B5)
788430342Cecil Muscat (B1)Anne Ashmore (B10)
1488487399John Ashmore (B4)Paul Coyle (B3)
486461375Nuala O'Rourke (B7)Quentin Baker (B6)
585402317Paul Coyle (B3)Nuala O'Rourke (B7)
1584443359Tim Lawrence (B9)James Burley (B8)
282438356Cecil Muscat (B1)Andrew Eames (B11)
1378411333Tim Lawrence (B9)Anne Ashmore (B10)
1174470396James Burley (B8)Nuala O'Rourke (B7)
968426358Paul Coyle (B3)Tim Lawrence (B9)
467402335James Burley (B8)Tim Lawrence (B9)
166423357Steve{Oxford} Perry (B2)Quentin Baker (B6)
1466420354Quentin Baker (B6)James Burley (B8)
563371308Vince Boyle (B5)Cecil Muscat (B1)
1061441380John Ashmore (B4)Anne Ashmore (B10)
1561427366John Ashmore (B4)Vince Boyle (B5)
1260401341Vince Boyle (B5)James Burley (B8)
1360425365Ruth MacInerney (B12)Cecil Muscat (B1)
1358370312Vince Boyle (B5)James Burley (B8)
256420364Paul Coyle (B3)Quentin Baker (B6)
1256396340Andrew Eames (B11)Anne Ashmore (B10)
955389334Andrew Eames (B11)Steve{Oxford} Perry (B2)
1352426374John Ashmore (B4)Steve{Oxford} Perry (B2)
1452433381Anne Ashmore (B10)Cecil Muscat (B1)
1551395344Ruth MacInerney (B12)Anne Ashmore (B10)
350437387John Ashmore (B4)Quentin Baker (B6)
1250467417Quentin Baker (B6)Tim Lawrence (B9)
1047458411Nuala O'Rourke (B7)Cecil Muscat (B1)
844431387Steve{Oxford} Perry (B2)Anne Ashmore (B10)
1044447403Quentin Baker (B6)James Burley (B8)
142399357Anne Ashmore (B10)Vince Boyle (B5)
740471431Vince Boyle (B5)Paul Coyle (B3)
840370330James Burley (B8)John Ashmore (B4)
1039466427Steve{Oxford} Perry (B2)Ruth MacInerney (B12)
838485447Paul Coyle (B3)Ruth MacInerney (B12)
1335432397Nuala O'Rourke (B7)Andrew Eames (B11)
933409376John Ashmore (B4)Ruth MacInerney (B12)
431451420Vince Boyle (B5)John Ashmore (B4)
728402374Steve{Oxford} Perry (B2)Nuala O'Rourke (B7)
1028414386Vince Boyle (B5)Tim Lawrence (B9)
1628411383Vince Boyle (B5)John Ashmore (B4)
927402375James Burley (B8)Cecil Muscat (B1)
127405378Ruth MacInerney (B12)Nuala O'Rourke (B7)
1625405380James Burley (B8)Ruth MacInerney (B12)
1425441416Tim Lawrence (B9)Andrew Eames (B11)
324413389Ruth MacInerney (B12)Vince Boyle (B5)
622371349John Ashmore (B4)Nuala O'Rourke (B7)
820344324Tim Lawrence (B9)Nuala O'Rourke (B7)
419391372Steve{Oxford} Perry (B2)Paul Coyle (B3)
818379361Vince Boyle (B5)Andrew Eames (B11)
218471453Tim Lawrence (B9)Ruth MacInerney (B12)
1616453437Anne Ashmore (B10)Nuala O'Rourke (B7)
111380369Paul Coyle (B3)James Burley (B8)
910395385Anne Ashmore (B10)Quentin Baker (B6)
158406398Cecil Muscat (B1)Andrew Eames (B11)
47413406Cecil Muscat (B1)Ruth MacInerney (B12)
147379372Vince Boyle (B5)Steve{Oxford} Perry (B2)
63410407Cecil Muscat (B1)Paul Coyle (B3)
113433430Cecil Muscat (B1)Steve{Oxford} Perry (B2)
63426423Ruth MacInerney (B12)Anne Ashmore (B10)
72413411Ruth MacInerney (B12)James Burley (B8)
11391390John Ashmore (B4)Cecil Muscat (B1)
21378377Vince Boyle (B5)James Burley (B8)
91429428Vince Boyle (B5)Nuala O'Rourke (B7)

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