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British Matchplay Scrabble Championship
Main Event: Sutton Bonington, 26th-28th August 2017
2017 livestream games here.
Annotated games will be here

Prize Table

Place Prizes
1Division a Rank: 1st£500.00David Koenig (A4) 17-8 +1404
2Division a Rank: 2nd£250.00Lewis Mackay(GM) (A3) 17-8 +1399
3Division a Rank: 3rd£125.00Piotr Andronowski(Exp) (A6) 17-8 +1282
4Division a Rank: 4th£75.00Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A5) 17-8 +1128
5Division a Rank: 5th£50.00Waseem Khatri (A2) 16-9 +1029
6Division a Class Rank: 1st£50.00Robert Richland(Exp) (A13) 14-11 -1
7Division a Class Rank: 1st£50.00Orla Judge (A20) 13.5-11.5 +205
8Division b Rank: 1st£180.00Andy Becher (B2) 17.5-7.5 +1242
9Division b Rank: 2nd£90.00Temu Oluku (B11) 16.5-8.5 +688
10Division b Rank: 3rd£50.00Moira Conway (B4) 15-10 +58
11Division c Rank: 1st£180.00Esther Kasket (C5) 17-8 +958
12Division c Rank: 2nd£90.00Mary Allen (C1) 17-8 +317
13Division c Rank: 3rd£50.00Stany Arnold (C4) 15-10 +875

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