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British Matchplay Scrabble Championship
Main Event: Sutton Bonington, 26th-28th August 2017
2017 archived streamed games here.
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Division C Rating Upsets

239812111405369BChristine Cartman (C14)Michael Holligan (C3)
19981177384365BChristine Cartman (C14)Stany Arnold (C4)
18981163441398BChristine Cartman (C14)Jean Owen (C6)
141141288439402BRose Kingdom (C8)Mary Allen (C1)
149811217411392BChristine Cartman (C14)Paul Cartman (C9)
149811220469392BChristine Cartman (C14)Paul Cartman (C9)
149811222487378BChristine Cartman (C14)Paul Cartman (C9)
131081217381309BAngela Brodie (C13)Marlene Skinner (C2)
131081218422397BAngela Brodie (C13)Michael Holligan (C3)
1310812123437239BAngela Brodie (C13)Michael Holligan (C3)
1211612818401395AJean Owen (C6)Mary Allen (C1)
12981101464287BChristine Cartman (C14)Jacquie Aldous (C11)
129811021351322BChristine Cartman (C14)Val Hoskings (C10)
111171289494345AStany Arnold (C4)Mary Allen (C1)
1111712820462364AStany Arnold (C4)Mary Allen (C1)
1111712823393320AEsther Kasket (C5)Mary Allen (C1)
1111712824429339AEsther Kasket (C5)Mary Allen (C1)
1111712825363291AEsther Kasket (C5)Mary Allen (C1)
1111012124435315BVal Hoskings (C10)Michael Holligan (C3)
111101213405285BJacquie Aldous (C11)Marlene Skinner (C2)
111101217502497BJacquie Aldous (C11)Michael Holligan (C3)
11981092409389BChristine Cartman (C14)Lou McMeeken (C12)
91121213548402BPaul Cartman (C9)Michael Holligan (C3)
91081173409352BAngela Brodie (C13)Stany Arnold (C4)
910811711332293BAngela Brodie (C13)Esther Kasket (C5)
81091178403344BLou McMeeken (C12)Stany Arnold (C4)
810811619456330BAngela Brodie (C13)Jean Owen (C6)
71211282498343AMichael Holligan (C3)Mary Allen (C1)
71141219437408BRose Kingdom (C8)Michael Holligan (C3)
611011610474274BJacquie Aldous (C11)Jean Owen (C6)
610811422386322BAngela Brodie (C13)Rose Kingdom (C8)
51161219403338AJean Owen (C6)Marlene Skinner (C2)
511612115421352AJean Owen (C6)Michael Holligan (C3)
511612121456415AJean Owen (C6)Michael Holligan (C3)
511011511415298BJacquie Aldous (C11)Syd Berger (C7)
511011516388371BJacquie Aldous (C11)Syd Berger (C7)
511011519327299BJacquie Aldous (C11)Syd Berger (C7)
51091143368363BLou McMeeken (C12)Rose Kingdom (C8)
41171214396372AStany Arnold (C4)Michael Holligan (C3)
411712124369353AStany Arnold (C4)Marlene Skinner (C2)
411712125425388AStany Arnold (C4)Marlene Skinner (C2)
41171212403271AEsther Kasket (C5)Marlene Skinner (C2)
411712110435253AEsther Kasket (C5)Michael Holligan (C3)
411712117374333AEsther Kasket (C5)Michael Holligan (C3)
411712120440273AEsther Kasket (C5)Marlene Skinner (C2)
41121162349314BPaul Cartman (C9)Jean Owen (C6)
41101147407406BVal Hoskings (C10)Rose Kingdom (C8)
411011415402364BVal Hoskings (C10)Rose Kingdom (C8)
411011425419344BVal Hoskings (C10)Rose Kingdom (C8)
31091121424386BLou McMeeken (C12)Paul Cartman (C9)
310911221422293BLou McMeeken (C12)Paul Cartman (C9)
21151173365360ASyd Berger (C7)Esther Kasket (C5)
211511722394389ASyd Berger (C7)Stany Arnold (C4)
211211412400381BPaul Cartman (C9)Rose Kingdom (C8)
211211424381345BPaul Cartman (C9)Rose Kingdom (C8)
21101124498311BVal Hoskings (C10)Paul Cartman (C9)
211011219387340BVal Hoskings (C10)Paul Cartman (C9)
21101126370325BJacquie Aldous (C11)Paul Cartman (C9)
211011215377358BJacquie Aldous (C11)Paul Cartman (C9)
211011225436409BJacquie Aldous (C11)Paul Cartman (C9)
21081102404346BAngela Brodie (C13)Val Hoskings (C10)
21081109373292BAngela Brodie (C13)Jacquie Aldous (C11)
210811018383366BAngela Brodie (C13)Jacquie Aldous (C11)
111511625462340ASyd Berger (C7)Jean Owen (C6)
11091104387303BLou McMeeken (C12)Jacquie Aldous (C11)
110911016474327BLou McMeeken (C12)Val Hoskings (C10)
110911020488340BLou McMeeken (C12)Val Hoskings (C10)
110911022419364BLou McMeeken (C12)Val Hoskings (C10)
110810912404293BAngela Brodie (C13)Lou McMeeken (C12)

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