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British Matchplay Scrabble Championship
Main Event: Sutton Bonington, 26th-28th August 2017
2017 archived streamed games here.
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Division B Rating Upsets

2112915020449395BGeoff Cooper (B15)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
161291451450289BGeoff Cooper (B15)Moira Conway (B4)
151301455443412BAnn Golding (B14)Moira Conway (B4)
151301459391386BAnn Golding (B14)Adrienne Berger (B3)
141361507389387BPhilip Aldous (B13)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
1413615025384383BPhilip Aldous (B13)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
131371509413368BTemu Oluku (B11)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
1313715012408375BLaura Finley (B12)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
1313715022387324BLaura Finley (B12)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
131281411466322BPeter Ashurst (B16)Alison Sadler (B6)
121381504432360BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B8)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
1213815016354315BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B8)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
1213815019475340BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B8)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
121381505430350BMargaret Harkness (B9)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
121291414428360BGeoff Cooper (B15)Tom Wilson (B5)
1212914117397326BGeoff Cooper (B15)Alison Sadler (B6)
1113014115359340BAnn Golding (B14)Tom Wilson (B5)
1113014117427356BAnn Golding (B14)Tom Wilson (B5)
101401501501373ASteve Balment (B7)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
101301407408368BAnn Golding (B14)Steve Balment (B7)
1012813824412360BPeter Ashurst (B16)Margaret Harkness (B9)
91411506426286ATom Wilson (B5)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
913714616445337BTemu Oluku (B11)Andy Becher (B2)
81381466395303BMargaret Harkness (B9)Andy Becher (B2)
81371459477381BJill Parker (B10)Moira Conway (B4)
81371451401385BTemu Oluku (B11)Adrienne Berger (B3)
813714518374343BTemu Oluku (B11)Adrienne Berger (B3)
813714523506352BTemu Oluku (B11)Adrienne Berger (B3)
813714525437317BLaura Finley (B12)Adrienne Berger (B3)
81301381536346BAnn Golding (B14)Carol{Norwich} Smith (B8)
813013813455293BAnn Golding (B14)Margaret Harkness (B9)
813013818399369BAnn Golding (B14)Margaret Harkness (B9)
813013821399358BAnn Golding (B14)Carol{Norwich} Smith (B8)
713814512404384BMargaret Harkness (B9)Adrienne Berger (B3)
71301376403399BAnn Golding (B14)Laura Finley (B12)
713013712396362BAnn Golding (B14)Jill Parker (B10)
712913613434411BGeoff Cooper (B15)Philip Aldous (B13)
614014618473373ASteve Balment (B7)Andy Becher (B2)
514515010410374AAdrienne Berger (B3)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
514114610390308ATom Wilson (B5)Andy Becher (B2)
514114613413322AAlison Sadler (B6)Andy Becher (B2)
514014510461345ASteve Balment (B7)Moira Conway (B4)
514014520586399ASteve Balment (B7)Moira Conway (B4)
514014521516428ASteve Balment (B7)Adrienne Berger (B3)
51361415476343BPhilip Aldous (B13)Tom Wilson (B5)
51361416432359BPhilip Aldous (B13)Alison Sadler (B6)
513614124430409BPhilip Aldous (B13)Alison Sadler (B6)
414615011492442AAndy Becher (B2)Suzanne Dundas (B1)
41411452424342ATom Wilson (B5)Adrienne Berger (B3)
414114514456397ATom Wilson (B5)Moira Conway (B4)
414114516385363AAlison Sadler (B6)Moira Conway (B4)
41371414420357BJill Parker (B10)Alison Sadler (B6)
413714118426391BJill Parker (B10)Alison Sadler (B6)
413714119399394BJill Parker (B10)Alison Sadler (B6)
413714120407344BJill Parker (B10)Tom Wilson (B5)
41371412427362BTemu Oluku (B11)Alison Sadler (B6)
41371418412370BTemu Oluku (B11)Tom Wilson (B5)
41371415448394BLaura Finley (B12)Alison Sadler (B6)
41371417453293BLaura Finley (B12)Tom Wilson (B5)
413714118385375BLaura Finley (B12)Tom Wilson (B5)
413714121419387BLaura Finley (B12)Tom Wilson (B5)
313814123394369BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B8)Alison Sadler (B6)
313814110374346BMargaret Harkness (B9)Alison Sadler (B6)
313814119352341BMargaret Harkness (B9)Tom Wilson (B5)
313814125475316BMargaret Harkness (B9)Alison Sadler (B6)
313714017374365BTemu Oluku (B11)Steve Balment (B7)
213814011469328BCarol{Norwich} Smith (B8)Steve Balment (B7)
21381408405364BMargaret Harkness (B9)Steve Balment (B7)
21361389413408BPhilip Aldous (B13)Margaret Harkness (B9)
213613817464246BPhilip Aldous (B13)Margaret Harkness (B9)
213613822437320BPhilip Aldous (B13)Carol{Norwich} Smith (B8)
212813025432331BPeter Ashurst (B16)Ann Golding (B14)
114514614396373AAdrienne Berger (B3)Andy Becher (B2)
114514617410395AAdrienne Berger (B3)Andy Becher (B2)
114014112527363ASteve Balment (B7)Tom Wilson (B5)
11371385423407BJill Parker (B10)Carol{Norwich} Smith (B8)
113713811372366BJill Parker (B10)Margaret Harkness (B9)
113713822395370BJill Parker (B10)Margaret Harkness (B9)
113713825461396BJill Parker (B10)Carol{Norwich} Smith (B8)
11371384485332BTemu Oluku (B11)Margaret Harkness (B9)
113713810378374BTemu Oluku (B11)Carol{Norwich} Smith (B8)
11371388460341BLaura Finley (B12)Carol{Norwich} Smith (B8)
113713823390373BLaura Finley (B12)Margaret Harkness (B9)
113613710433391BPhilip Aldous (B13)Jill Parker (B10)
113613714388328BPhilip Aldous (B13)Laura Finley (B12)
113613719417282BPhilip Aldous (B13)Laura Finley (B12)
112913014364333BGeoff Cooper (B15)Ann Golding (B14)
112812911433311BPeter Ashurst (B16)Geoff Cooper (B15)

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